Win Cash! in the month of July!

To raise funds for site growth and development (We would like to get a forum started! We are up to over 1000 comments! we need a place to converse and a place for your voice to be heard, a place where you can ask questions, make suggestions and all on the one subject you really care about, Your phone the DROID X!) We are also looking to support new devices! We are having a cash contest! All donating members for the month of July will be automatically entered to win the Prize! The Prize will be half of the accumulated pot! You will Receive entries based on the amount you donate.

For every $1 donated you get 1 entry

For every $3 donated you get 5 entries

For every $5 donated you get 12 entries

For every $10 donated you get 30 entries

I will update the pot amount every time a donation is made!

The winner will be announced Monday August 8th! Good luck!

Get in on this while you can!

Current CASH PRIZE POT Amount $79!!

Welcome To DroidModd3rX!

Welcome to DroidModderX! Here we believe in freedom to modify the device that you payed for. We have put together several Video walk through guides pertaining to modifying your Droid X. We hope the videos provide some sort of visual aid that will be helpful in your modding ventures.We will tackle such things as SBF, root, nandroids, and roms and various other hacks. Also we will throw in APPS that we love from time to time. If there is anything else that you would like to see let us know and we will see what i can do.

It takes alot of time and hard work to bring a quality site to you on a consistent basis. If this site has helped you in any way please consider contributing a small amount. With your help this site can expand and grow. Much love DMX 🙂

Please Contact me for Anything

Twitter: @DroidModderX


Youtube: DroidModd3rX

How to Get an IPAD 2 for FREE!

I know this is a little off topic, but I thought I would share this neat program with you!

MY IPAD IS ON THE WAY!! I will now begin rotating your referral links! Sign up now to get in on this! NO REFERRALS REQUIRED! I will rotate your referral links here on the site and also on my youtube channel DroidModd3rX! Email me your referral link once you have completed your offer. (as this is first come first serve I suggest doing the gamefly offer since it gives you instant credit)
NOTE: use Firefox browser when doing the gamefly offer as it will register your cookies properly, and you get instant credit!

How to Get your FREE Ipad2

STEP 2: You will need to sign up for an account. Just enter your email and click submit.

STEP 3: Select account type referral. This is the quickest and easiest way.

STEP 4: You will need to complete one Level A offer. I did Gamefly. It was only $5.95 you can cancel after 14days, and you receive instant credit! You could also try Netflix free one month trial with streaming, or emusic 25 free songs with trial, plus countless others.there are several free offers as well.

STEP 5: Generate 10 referrals for Ipad 2 16GB or 12 referrals for Ipad 2 32GB<<< Just email me your referral link to and I will post it here as well as on my youtube channel DroidModd3rX! You could also ask friends and family.

This is fool proof!

How it works
There are alot of companies that will pay alot of money for you to try their product and refer your friends (upwards of $50).
These companies are hoping that you will choose to stay with them but you dont have to!!
These are legitimate companies IE Netflix, Gamefly, blockbuster etc.
You get an ipad for less than $10 you cant beat that

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hulu on XOOM how to stream tv on your android device.

This works on all android devices with 2.2 or higher and will work with the XOOM once it receives the flash update!

My new favorite app is The TvShowsStream app for android! This app is killer. I have found every show that i have searched for. This app is way better than HULU! I can watch shows on my phones 3G connection without it pausing for buffering, and there is no commercials whatsoever. It not only has the major network shows like Simpsons, Family Guy, No Ordinary Family, V, The Cape, but it also has cable network shows like HBOs Entourage, and Starz show SPARTACUS, also shows from networks like Discovery Channel, MTV, TLC, Travel Channel, History and so forth and so on. There are Literally 1000s of tv shows and the coolest thing is they are all kept up to date. All shows from all seasons and They update it the day after the show airs live! Sooo much better than hulu. Below is the full version of the app. Download it try it out and if you love it DONATE $1 :)

How to install:

1)Go to settings>applications>and check Unknown sources

2)download the file below and install

and if you love it thanks for donating!:)