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What’s ZapX GINGER Got?
Since this is just the first Gingerbread release of ZapX I am keeping it really basic as ZapX is a very basic similar to stock rom with only the social blur remaining. Currently ZapX Ginger 4.1 is fully deoxeded and is a great release. The themes haven’t applied properly yet so they will be applied into future versions of ZapX Ginger. This is just the beginning of of ZapX Ginger, but this a start. Please make sure to read the install instructions. If you have any questions please ask! Right now this is the basics, but throughout the updates going to get better and better.

- AOSP Gingerbread Keyboard
Removed Moto Walls, Put Custom Walls In that are much better!
Stock launcher
- Updated Optimized and Zipaligned
- New Ad Blocker (Credit delta_foxtrot2 @xda, Jrummy and Me)
Updated Jrummy Overclocker Script added Back in (run su and then overclock.sh in terminal to run script)
Roottools and Allinone toolbox (Credit Jrummy)
- System Tweaks
- Groupy Contact App Removed, you can now view contacts by last name in your contacts
- SpareParts
- Build.prop mods for more performance mods (Credit Me)
Currently not deoxeded but will be in 4.1 release shortly.
Music Mod, Music Mod Lock Screen
Milestone Overclocker
some goodies
Tons of bloat removed

HUGE credit to TBH for the rom base and Gingerbread Leak and all their wonderful SBFs and to P3 for all his help over at mydroidworld.

NOTE: YOU MUST USE D2 Bootstrap once you are on any version of Gingerbread on the DX.

DOWNLOAD ZapX Ginger 4.1

Gingerbread/Ginger Rom App Install Issue:

On some devices people are not able to install apps from the market or SD Card. On my Roms the solution to this is simple. There are 2 solutions: You can power off your phone, hold   down the volume down and home button while powering up to get into android recovery. When your in Android Recovery do a data/cache wipe and everything should be fine. Another way to do it is in Settings, Privacy, Factory Reset and it should reset and be fine.

How To Run Overclocking Script:

Make Sure You Have Uninstalled Any Overclocking Apps. If You Have Jrummy’s Overclocking App That Is Okay.
Make Sure You Have Installed Terminal App From the Market if you have not already.
Open Terminal App
Type su
Then Type overclock.sh
It will ask you if you want to proceed type y
Then select option 5 set frequencies at boot
Very Important: Select option 4 set high voltage scaling at boot (if you select another option it may not boot)
Select the frequency you wish to use
Then at the main menu type 11
then type reboot to reboot your phone with the new frequencies at boot. And your phone will start up with the new frequencies!
Easy Breezy!



Older ZapX Ginger Builds

ZapX Ginger 4 RC

Main Menu

  1. Roms
  2. Gingerbread
  3. SBF and Root Info
  4. Scripts and Symlink
  5. Discussion Board
  6. -Tutorials and Guides
  7. Hear What People Are Saying


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