14 responses to “How to SBF Full 2.3.340 DroidX

  1. i tried to flash to gingerbread and now my DX is stuck at the boot screen.. i have pulled the battery and still get the same thing.. i tried to flash back to stock but when i plug my phone into the computer and im in rsd lite it doesnt read my phone … nothing happens … can you help me?

    • First pull battle,replace battle,boot into clockwork recovery (home+power), select wipe data/factory reset,then rebolt phone if that doesnt work pull batt boot into bootloader(volumedown+camera+power ) then flash sbf with rsd and try it again

  2. I had no idea how to sbf my phone back to stock! I had to do this to install the gingerbread ota, this video made the process so simple! thanks!

  3. Loaded the Z4 and could not tether to wifi. finished all of the SBF procedures. want to do this in order. what is next? Thanks

  4. Hold the phone!! Wanted to use Droidx as wfi hotspot to use with blu-ray dvd, wifi capable. Had to SBF phone trying to get it working. After reading learned Verizon has it blocked, can block it in order to force you into spending $20 per month.
    Thanks for your help.

  5. i downloaded both files necessary for this. i loaded bootloader, plugged in phone, started rsd lite, found the sbf file, and nothing happened. it did not find or recognize my phone. on the video, it found your device immediately. what now?

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