Welcome To DroidModd3rX!

Welcome to DroidModderX! Here we believe in freedom to modify the device that you payed for. We have put together several Video walk through guides pertaining to modifying your Droid X. We hope the videos provide some sort of visual aid that will be helpful in your modding ventures.We will tackle such things as SBF, root, nandroids, and roms and various other hacks. Also we will throw in APPS that we love from time to time. If there is anything else that you would like to see let us know and we will see what i can do.

It takes alot of time and hard work to bring a quality site to you on a consistent basis. If this site has helped you in any way please consider contributing a small amount. With your help this site can expand and grow. Much love DMX 🙂

Please Contact me for Anything

Twitter: @DroidModderX

Email: DroidModderX@gmail.com

Youtube: DroidModd3rX

5 responses to “Welcome To DroidModd3rX!

  1. I’ve had liberty gb.5 before but now I can’t seem to find it on the web. I really don’t wanna pay 5 dollars again for the toolbox app because I had to wipe my sd card bcuz it was damaged so please put up a libertygb 0.5 download and maybe instructions or even email them to me at jibblykibbleson@yahoo.com

  2. LOL…. if you really did pay for the Liberty Tool box, it will still show up in your market account even if you wiped your phone/factory reset. I know because I have wiped my phone at least 3 times and it still shows up as “purchased” on my account. Nice try…

  3. Hi..i was on gingerbread 2.3.3 ota(rooted droidx) .
    Then,i switched to liberty gb v.8 and its a great room but my data/3g didnt work.
    I downgraded my dx to liberty gb v.7 and updated the kernel and my data finally worked,actually most of my stuff seemed to work but, now corp. Mail and universal mailbox are missing…besides the dx accounts along with all my downloaded apps..
    So, is there anyway to restore /recover all my apps from the market and the droidx stock??
    Id really appreciate it. I like liberty and i dont wanna go back to gb.thanks..

  4. Hey mr.
    I like this site, I really do.
    And thanks for what you provide here.
    Id like to know if you happen to have the stock universal inbox
    From gb. Id like to flash it into liberty gb. V.6 is it possible?
    So,I wonder if liberty gb v.8 is more stable now.
    Thanks in advance my friend.
    Great site!!!!

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