HULU on XOOM Streaming Tv shows on your Android, Droid X, XOOM, Evo

My new favorite app is The TvShowsStream app for android! This app is killer. I have found every show that i have searched for. This app is way better than HULU! I can watch shows on my phones 3G connection without it pausing for buffering, and there is no commercials whatsoever. It not only has the major network shows like Simpsons, Family Guy, No Ordinary Family, V, The Cape, but it also has cable network shows like HBOs Entourage, and Starz show SPARTACUS, also shows from networks like Discovery Channel, MTV, TLC, Travel Channel, History and so forth and so on. There are Literally 1000s of tv shows and the coolest thing is they are all kept up to date. All shows from all seasons and They update it the day after the show airs live! Sooo much better than hulu. Below is the full version of the app. Download it try it out and if you love it please DONATE $1 🙂 oh and be sure to get it off the market… support the devs.

How to install:

1)Go to settings>applications>and check Unknown sources

2)download the file below and install

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9 responses to “HULU on XOOM Streaming Tv shows on your Android, Droid X, XOOM, Evo

  1. I’m running this on a xoom. It appears to me that the web browser that opens up from the app on the xoom won’t run flash. If I go to one of the web urls manually in my browser and see videos I can click them and they play fine. Is there some trick to getting this to work on the xoom?

  2. Damn why’d it stop working? Most movie streams links don’t work anymore either. Weird must have been tol to shut down. Sucks big time. Especially with Netflix doubling their prices.

    • Yeah…if you know someone with a netfllix account, you can use theirs and everyone wins. They will just know what movies you watch in the history. Other than that you can both watch movies at the same time with no harm.

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