DarkSlide 4.2

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They have combined the update 4.2 with the 4.1 ROM to bring the Full DarkSlide v4.2 ROM. If you have applied the update there is no need to install this ROM unless you really want too. We have included all DarkSlide options in the DarkSlide/Add-on folder that is on your sdcard so you wont have to search for it.

Disclaimer: MyDroidWorld, Gatesjunior nor I are responsible for any damage to your device that may or may not occur. You are installing this at your own risk. ALWAYS follow instructions completely….

Thanks to P3Droid, 928Droid, TBH, fernando sor and anyone I may have missed and all the other devs who have dedicated their time to the Android Community

Add-on folder includes

  • 3G Hotspot Hack
  • Clear Lock Screen
  • GIngerbread Keyboard
  • Stock Keyboard
  • Stock Swype KeyBoard
  • Unthemed Keyboard
  • z4Root

Whats in DS v4.2:

  • Same great look
  • Themed keyboard (updated in v4)
  • Themed Swype keyboard
  • battery in 10% increments (updated)
  • ad-blocker
  • wireless tether
  • su and busybox installed
  • speed tweaks
  • Battery management tweaks
  • New Black Market
  • pre-rooted
  • Spare-parts
  • Free 3G Hot Spot with NVRAM Hack
  • BackupAssistant now in blurless rom
  • Original gallery (blurless rom)
  • New task manager
  • Car home added back in as default
  • Submenus all revamped and transparent
  • All popups re-done, got rid of the boring plain white
  • New Gingerbread themed phone
  • Multi colored status bar pull-down
  • Multi colored settings and preference areas for all apps
  • USB reboot issues resolved
  • More icon work
  • Optimized system
  • Performance enhancements

You need to at least be on 2.3.32 prior to installing this ROM

Bootstrap recovery
Mount System
Wipe data/factory reset (if all ready on DarkSlide there is not a need to do this step)
Install from zip
choose zip
choose DarkSlide


DarkSlideBlur v4.2

DarkSlide V4.2 (blurless) yes, it does contain minimal blur files

Updated Black Market (2.2.11) Download HERE


8 responses to “DarkSlide 4.2

  1. I just flashed Darkslide 4.2 on my DX. This was my first rom and your videos helped a ton. I have 2 questions though. 1-I cleared all data before flashing and still get the old slider when I get phone calls. That’s the only thing I noticed. Very smooth rom. 2-I did a nandroid backup with my stock froyo before I flashed rom. Can I just restore that to get the OTA or do I need to SBF? I was thinking of just waiting for DarkSlide to have something ready for GB, then take the OTA.

    • Going from an aosp rom back to stock blur generally presents problems… U could try flashing the nandroid, but it will probably be super buggy and fc prone due to different framework… If it doesnt work out for u u could just sbf at that point… But yes u must be on stock froyo to receive ota

      • Can I just ignore the ota and wait for Darkslide to have something ready for GB, then SBF? I really dont want to go back to stock untill I have to. I’m new to all of this so just a little unsure about the ota.

  2. Randy.. Im not going to accept the ota until root has been proven… That being said you wont be able to accept the ota while on a custom rom.. Being that bloatware is removed.. So u should be fine as lomg as you remain on darkslide

  3. If I’m on liberty ROM, do I need to SBF back to stock 2.3.34?
    I wiped and installed darkslide but it’s just stuck on the boot…

  4. darkslide 4.2 is a froyo rom so if you are on any version of gingerbread than yes you will need to sbf back to froyo… if your already on froyo make sure to wipe data in stock recovery…(power+home) then hit search to bring up menu, select wipedatafactoryreset

  5. first i want to say that this site rocks and i have already donated. i am trying to flash the darkslide 4.2 rom, i am on an older version. i have tryed everything and cant seem to get it justs stays on boot image. i have sbf back to stock and worked my way up and nothin. i tried flashing over top the old version and same thing. any ideas would be great

    • Try flashing it again…if it bootloops pull the battery and do a factory reset from stock recovery… holdhome+power, hit search when android guy comes up, then select wipedata/factoryreset

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