Deodex 2.3.3 (4.5.588) Plus CRT Animation, 10% Battery Mod, and Uncapped Data


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*GET FULL (Zipaligned) DEODEX ZIP HERE* <<< Install this over the top of GB 2.3.3 (4.5.588) via clockwork recovery
-md5 6213533868984deee31b34b27146c379
-Includes a stock build.prop. If you’ve edited your build.prop, make a backup and restore; or just delete the build.prop file from the deodex zip.

Here’s a clockwork zip to remove the throttle service and dark transparent lockscreen png. It also adds the CRT screen off animation.

ThrottleServices Mod only

CRT – Transparent Lockscreen Only

These are full system files to be applied over the top of your previous system of 4.5.588. (This can be installed over the top of 4.5.573 – though i’m not responsible for what may happen)

This will fix the problem of apps f/c and some Motorola widgets not working properly on deodexed builds. The reason for the f/c is that during the deodexing of the build davlik is somehow changed and is not playing nicely with certain apps. To resolve this i have been running a mixed odexed/deodexed system for the past 14 hours. The applications remain deodexed (allowing for themeing, but the framework is odexed. Themers can still theme the framework but can not change the services.jar file)

Patch – Fix only (No CRT animation and no Battery Modification)
Download Now

Patch – Fix with CRT only (No Battery modification)
Download Now

Patch – Fix with CRT and 10% Battery modification
Download Now

5 responses to “Deodex 2.3.3 (4.5.588) Plus CRT Animation, 10% Battery Mod, and Uncapped Data

  1. Hello,

    Currently on my X I have the following:

    Rooted GB 4.5.573
    ZapX Ginger 4.1 (ROM)
    CRT Animation

    Thanks to your wonderful video walk troughs I have been able to modify my X. My question is should I upgrade to the new 2.3.3 (4.5.588) or should I wait? I don’t want to go through the hassle and another update comes out later on. Also is there a way I can backup all my apps etc so I don’t have to manually reinstall them after? Or should I just leave the X on my current settings for now?


    • Gstunna, 4.5.588 is nearly identical to previous leaked version, the only reason id update is to be ready for new roms… But this is not the official build so another version could possibly come out, if you are happy with your current setup then keep it and wait to see whats required of the new gb roms. I have a feeling you wkll eventually need to update. I use Titanium backup to backup my apps and system data… The paid version is like $5 and gives you the option to do a complete restore. Well worth it. It generally takes me about 10 mknutes to get my phone set up after flashing a new rom.

      • Your right I will keep my current setup and then upgrade if needed in the future never know what new ROM stuff will come out. In the mean time keep posting all the new stuff that comes out so we geek freaks can stay up to date lol. Besides Ti Backup what other good apps do you like or recommend?

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