How to Get an IPAD 2 for FREE!

I know this is a little off subject, but I thought I would pass along this neat program!

NO REFERRALS REQUIRED!! Once you have completed your offer send me your referral link and i will post it here on the site and also on every video on my youtube channel! (I always suggest the Gamefly offer because it gives instant credit.) Note: use firefox browser as it registers your cookies properly when completing your offer!

How to Get your FREE Ipad 2!


STEP 2: You will need to sign up for an account. Just enter your email and click submit.

STEP 3: Select account type referral. This is the quickest and easiest way.

STEP 4: You will need to complete one Level A offer. I did Gamefly. It was only $5.95 you can cancel after 14days, and you receive instant credit! You could also try Netflix free one month trial with streaming, or emusic 25 free songs with trial, plus countless others. there are several free offers as well. (as this is first come first serve I strongly suggest the gamefly offer since it gives instant credit)

STEP 5: Generate 10 referrals for Ipad 2 16GB or 12 referrals for Ipad 2 32GB<<< NO Need to Generate Referrals just email me your referral link to and i will post it here on the site and also on my youtube Channel DroidModd3rX!

This is fool proof!

How it works
There are alot of companies that will pay alot of money for you to try their product and refer your friends (upwards of $50).
These companies are hoping that you will choose to stay with them but you dont have to!!
These are legitimate companies IE Netflix, Gamefly, blockbuster etc.
You get an ipad for less than $10 you cant beat that

Sign UP Now

11 responses to “How to Get an IPAD 2 for FREE!

  1. I have one more question….What is it about cyanogen mod7 that most people really like so much more than stock GB on the DX? I am thinking about flashing it after watching your video but I have never done a custom rom. Thanks.

  2. Thanks to this I have completed everything! Thanks to everyone participating it only took about a weekend to get my referrals done! Awesome!

    • Teon…once you have signed up via the link below and completed an offer you will be added to the rotation to have your link displayed here and on my YouTube channel

  3. i emailed you my referall link help me get a ipad for my Wife, she is a full time collage student and has been wanting one for a long time.

    help me get this droidmodderx, oh and great videos keep them rolling

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