Incredibly Re-EngineeredX 1.00

This Rom is tested and supported on only 320/340 Droid X’s.



  • This Rom is Based on Liberty v1.0 (huge thanks to kejar31 and jrummy16 for making an awesome rom!)FULL CREDIT TO THESE TWO FOR BUILDING THE BASE DONATE TO THEM!!!!
  • Rebuilt 95% of the APK’s removing all other language localization files except English(This thing is FAST FAST FAST FAST FAST!)
  • Reboot in Power Menu
  • Blurless
  • Custom animations by aamikam
  • Custom Theme similar to my Sense Rom on the Incredible(click on the logo in my sig to check it out)
  • Launcher2 with increased snap velocity
  • all of kejar and jrummy16’s toolbox mods (these things are amazing. dont know how you put that together but huge huge ups)
  • AOSP Lockscreen w/ option of Rotary
  • Custom Themed Gingerbread Keyboard to match the theme
  • Sense like icons in app drawer
  • Themed Power Control Widgets
  • A Few Gingerbread Elements in the Theme
  • 10% Battery Increments
  • Themed Gmail
  • Removed a ton of bloat. This Rom is stripped down to the bare minimum. (Please dont ask me for the apps) You can download Liberty and pull the ones you want
  • Kejar’s Liberty Toolbox
  • Themed Settings Icons
  • Black Gingerbread Menus
  • Themed Gmaps (no more orange highlights)
  • Removed USB Debugging and Alarm Clock from Statusbar
  • Probably more that im forgetting…


Included Apps


  • Spare Parts
  • Liberty Toolbox (Thanks jrummy16 and kejar31!)
  • Terminal Emulator (Thanks jrummy16 and kejar31!)



January 17th:

  • Initial Release- v1.00



Please remember that I will not be held responsible for anything that happens to you phone. Except of course making it well, Incredible. =)

A Full Wipe is REQUIRED before flashing this rom. If you choose not to do this (for who knows what reason) please do not post any problems you are having!

Please report any issues so i can continue to improve this rom.

Ladies and gentlemen, please fasten your seat belts and hold on as this rom is about to take you on the ride of your life… Enjoy!

Note: If i forgot to mention ANYONE please please please send me a PM letting me know. I’m not trying steal credit from anyone. Thanks guys!

Please note that because all apks and images have be optimized for maximum efficiency, themeing carelessly will break these optimizations


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