GingerBread 2.3.3 DX(Blur 4.5.591) Fully Deodexed!

 GingerBread DX (Blur 4.5.591) odexed, deodexed apps download

This release was brought to you through a special NINJA, who will remain nameless but we all thank you very much for your work on behalf of the community.

This is a new system and kernel, you will be able restore a nand backup to (4.5.588 or 4.5.573) but you can not restore back to Froyo.

This will install right over the top of any previous Gingerbread installs. I have not tested this against other offshoot roms (Apex, Liberty, etc.) You should install over those at your own risk. If previous GB build has been Modified or Themed you will need to return it to an unmodified state.

I have not added any easter eggs or other mods to this release, the only change made was to the build prop to fix the Market Applications not showing.

If you find that your phone is no longer rooted after installing this Firmware, you should use Gingerbreak to re-reoot your device. You can find GingerBreak here.


Dowload the zip
Reboot phone into Clockwork Recovery
Install the Zip file.


Deodexed Apps & Odexed Framework

md5sum: 6ce3645f5a64736a292a481c4af91a4a
file size: 162.0 MB (169821308 bytes)

Mirror 1: Download Now

Mirror2: Download Now

Mirror 3: Download Now

Full Odexed Version

md5sum: 15583a4898a9f6772656048ca39bd895
file size: 162.3 MB (170134066 bytes)

Mirror 1: Download Now

Mirror 2: Download Now

Mirror 3: Download Now

Full Deodexed Version

file size: 160 MB (168,576,183 bytes)

Mirror 1: Download Now

Mirror 2: Download Now

Mirror 3: Download Now

Mirror 4: Download Now

Mirror 5: Download Now

22 responses to “GingerBread 2.3.3 DX(Blur 4.5.591) Fully Deodexed!

  1. do i have to clear cache data/factory before installing .zip? tried to install 4.5.591 and got a “install aborted” message. going back to 4.5.573

    • If you came from stock .573 or .588 with no mods or themes u should be able to flash this over that, the install aborted message usually means an incomplete file try downloading it again and id try flashing it after a datawipe just to be safe

  2. I sbf back to froyo and after i rooted and in went into clockwork.
    ive tried installing gb 2.3.3 591 and it gets stuck at the m logo it restarts constantly after a second it shows up.idk what to me out

      • I’ve done that and still nothing.idk what im doing wrong…after I wipe still shows the m for a second and boots again

  3. hey, I see you tell people to sbf back to stock froyo if they are currently running a custom ROM. However, I have seen on various forums people are wiping data/cache and flashing deodexed 595 over Apex or Liberty, etc. and it works fine. Are they lucky, or there some reason you direct people to sbf first?


  4. Do I need to be rooted to install this version over .588?

    Can I simply install the .591 version over the .588 the same way I installed the .588 version, which was:

    1. Download the Gingerbread update file here and rename the file to
    2. Place the file in the root of your microSD card. (Inside no folders)
    3. Power down your phone
    4. Power your phone on by holding Home + Power. When you see the triangle appear, press Search. You are now in the “Recovery” system
    5. Using the volume keys, navigate to the “install” option and flash the file.

  5. I am looking to see if anyone knows how to change the M on the boot an to make the animation part of a music video all so I need to know if it is better to use ginger or the of the old mods

  6. I’m trying to download the gingerbreak apk app but can’t find it to root my HTC Evo. Please let me know what site to go to in order for me to download it.

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