Installing Latest Build! Gingerbread 2.3.3 (4.5.588) with ROOT!

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DroidX Gingerbread 2.3.3(4.5.588) Install Patch with Root

This is the most recently leaked Gingerbread build for the DroidX phones.
Droid X 2.3.3. (4.5.588)

You must follow the directions exactly to the letter, if you do not I can not guarantee the results. Please do not post questions here if you have not read the directions below. Before beginning ensure that you understand the directions that you have read.

Good now that you have read above the you are ready to proceed.

1. Your phone must be in the following condition before you can use the patched updater.

  1. Your phone is running the 2.3.340 official FroyoFirmware
  2. Your phone has been rooted
  3. Your phone is using the Droid2 Bootstrap program (Do Not Use DroidX Bootstrap)

2. Have you gotten your phone in the proper state to upgrade to the newest leaked Gingerbread. Yes go ahead, if No go back to step 1.

  1. Download all 3 files and place on the root of yoursdcard.

    Install File Part 1 
    md5 = 55903982607d3b1b22b3b9f3af1ff807
    size = 99.1 MB (103875449 bytes)

    Download Part 1 – Mirror 1
    Download Part 1 – Mirror 2
    Download Part 1 – Mirror 3

    Install File Part 2
    md5 = a021e4e0dffb39018bdabf7e679f4d35
    size = 16.2 MB (17028214 bytes)

    Download Part 2 – Mirror 1
    Download Part 2 – Mirror 2
    Download Part 2 – Mirror 3

    Install File Part 3
    md5 = 7cb97560c1f757ad2b9ccd131200911b
    size = 220.7 KB (226025 bytes)

    Download Part 3 – Mirror 1
    Download Part 3 – Mirror 2
    Download Part 3 – Mirror 3

  2. Restart the Droid2 Bootstrap in recovery mode.
  3. Install all three zips files in order. DO NOT LEAVE RECOVERY UNTIL ALL 3 HAVE FINISHED BEING INSTALLED.

Most testers have installed this over the of 2.3.340 firmware without the need for a wipe, about 15% did wipe, the choice is yours.

Those running the 4.5.573 Leak

1. Perform a backup using clockwork recovery
2. Downgrade to the 2.3.340 firmware
3. Follow the above procedure to upgrade
4. After upgrading enter into Bootstrap recovery
5. Perform an Advanced Restore —-Select Data

Deodexed Version For Devs and Themers (Can be use by anyone)

This installs over the top of the previously installed 2.4.588 or over 2.4.573

Download 1
Download 2
Download 3
Download 4


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35 responses to “Installing Latest Build! Gingerbread 2.3.3 (4.5.588) with ROOT!

  1. Hey,
    Right when it started rebooting (the red moto symbol) it cut out and went to this weird message saying:

    Battery OK
    OK to program
    Connect USB
    Data Cable

    How do i fix??? Please help!

  2. when you say “place on the root of my sd card” what do you mean? they’re on my Sd card but I see no folder that says root

    • oh last question does “Restart the Droid2 Bootstrap in recovery mode.” mean to use Reboot recovery or to use bootstrap recovery

  3. oh last question does “Restart the Droid2 Bootstrap in recovery mode.” mean to use Reboot recovery or to use bootstrap recovery

  4. hey guys and thanks for the tutorial! what i’m comfused on is there are 3 file parts and 3 mirror parts under each file. my question is do i download all 3 parts and all the mirros from each part so a total of 9 mirrors? or just 1 mirror from each part and if so which ones?

  5. Hey, a few questions:

    1) The video is not showing up in my browser (tried firefox and safari) any chance you could get it back up and running?

    2) Do I need to wipe data, clear cache, and do any other type of wipe (dalvik, etc.) before installing these files? Sounds like I should for a cleaner install.

    3) Since I’m installing a new OS (.340 -> .588) does it make any sense to make a backup in recovery?

    4) These files should all be put on my SD as zips (not unzipped), correct?

    • Hey, just caught this video over on youtube, so questions 1 and 4 are answered! Still wondering about wiping data, cache, and dalvik before installing – and whether to make a backup in recovery. Thanks!

  6. Creaky… Id wipe data since you are coming from froyo… And your nandroid backup wont be any good once you get to gb… In otherwords if you recover your froyo backup coming from gb it will fail due to the fact they are built on different frameworks, hope that made since

    • fresh.. im not sure i understand the question… if you want to flash a nandroid backup.. just go into clockwork mod and select Restore and choose your nandroid backup

  7. Can I do this on my droid 2??? I have already Installed Liberty Gingerbread v0.1 tried to install v0.2 but when it rebooted it said it was still in one…I have the pro version of Liberty toolbox but I always have to pull it out of my files on my sd card..?? SOooo long story short how do I get to Liberty V0.7??

  8. I’m a little confused here. I’m on Gingerbread 2.3.3 (4.5.573) rooted. Where it says:
    5. Perform an Advanced Restore —-Select Data
    What exactly do you mean? Do I just need to find the zip and install it or what?

  9. How do i know which mirrior # to download, Is there a difference from them, becuase i only see you downloading one from each stage to phone, how do u know which one to choose?

  10. i was coming from 2.3.340 official Froyo to this, and it aborted the process of installing part 1 saying: “needs pach” or something about patch. Is there a patch needed before i go further do this?

    • Yes if ur getting an eror ..make Sure ur files are not corrupt…redownload them to your PC then xfer to sdcard make sure you flash all 3 files in the same d2bootstrap session

  11. I tried all 3 different mirror files for part one. Each one of them gives me the same error “assert failed: apply_patch_check……” . I have dx 2.3.340 and I rooted it with z4. I was in d2bootstrap when I tried this.

  12. I’d sbf for a clean slate and try again…the files are good I’ve used them before…or the better option would be to sbf, z4root, install d2bootstrap and flash the 2part patched 4.5.596 its the same as ota gb but its prerooted

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