Gingerbread 2.3.3 build (4.5.595) Official Upgrade Path

New Leak and Official upgrade Path to Gingerbread



Hey all, its been a long time since you have seen a leak. LOL. From what I have been told Verizon has approved a Gingerbread build for release. You should all be as exicted as I am. I know we have been on gingerbread for a long time but nothing beats going official.

The upgrade path does not include those who are on Gingerbread .573/.588/.591 – Make Sure You Read Below.

The build that has been approved for release by Verizon is Blur (4.5.596) this is not build 4..5.596 but is the build tha is needed so you can upgrade via ota without needing to sbf back to 2.3.340.

The first method to upgrade to gingerbread from froyo is to sbf you phone back to stock froyo (2.3.340) and await for the upgrade.

The second method involves getting yourself on the proper build so you can receive the offical OTA once it is pushed. You can upgrade to the official OTA if you are running Blur build 4.5.595.

So to get all of you on the proper build and the proper upgrade path you have been provided with the proper blur build 4.5.595. So in the application you are going to find 3 different builds, a fully deodexed build, a fully odexed build, and a stock odexed build (no root, nothing there at al) <—– you will want to flash this one in preparation for the official release build.

So when can you get these builds, well we will have to wait until 12:30am EST.

So start checking your TeamBlackHat app.

None of this would be possible without the work of super secret NINJA, so we all say thank you very much.

No we don’t not have a release date from VZW and the build that has been approved for release is subject to change as VZW sees fit.


NOTE: You can flash this from any Gingerbread build, (or stock froyo rooted) no need to wipe data unless you are coming from Froyo or if you are on a custom GB rom you will also need to wipe data,
Dowload the zip
Reboot phone into Clockwork Recovery with D2Bootstrap
Install the Zip file.



md5sum: 05b804986cd9a1f9e9ce8df7cf8c56bb
file size: 158.8 MB (166560893 bytes)

Mirror 1: Download Now

Mirror2: Download Now

Mirror 3: Download Now

Full Odexed Version

md5sum: 524c59844886ba73f7b52fb7de74f1cd
file size: 159.8 MB (167605711 bytes)

Mirror 1: Download Now

Mirror 2: Download Now

Mirror 3: Download Now

Full Stock Version – No Root

md5sum: 9d81ee233c0c031df8055a081c6fda71
file size: 159.8 MB (167605711 bytes)

Mirror 1: Download Now

190 responses to “Gingerbread 2.3.3 build (4.5.595) Official Upgrade Path

  1. hey im kinda confused here
    i was on a custom rom
    i am on a droid x
    i sbf to vrz mb810 2.340 android version 2.2.1
    i rooted the phone again

    i have bootstrap recovery, i downloaded the tbh app, i have rom manager too.

    this is where im stuck w/the directions here. im sure its an ID10T error but help me out here.
    i would download the -595 deodexed (rooted) to sd card on phone
    i would use koush bootstrap to bootstrap recovery, then wipe data 3x, then install the deodexed build then reboot & then be good to go? thanks

  2. I tried to install the Stock version in your link but the installation aborted. The odexed version caused a bootloop.

    • Nowhere… u will need to boot into stock recovery (home+power) when android guy and ! Come up hold volume up+down, select wipedata factory reset.. This should take care of bootloop… If instalation aborted then u have an incomplete file try downloading the file to ur pc then transfer it to ur sdcard

  3. hey so i downloaded your odexed version. and i wiped everything before like u said and i folowed your video but now im stuck in a bootloop. what do i do???

    • Ali.. Ok so alot of people are having trouble with the odexed version.. Try booting ito stock recovery and wiping data.. Boot into stock recov by holding (power+home) whendoid ad !come up hit volume up+down tobring up menu… Then elect wipedata/factory rset.. If that doesnt work sbf and try loadig gb version .4.5.588 then load .595 on top of that

  4. I finally got my phone sbf’d and back to factory froyo. I then rooted it sucessfully and installed d2bootstrap sucessfully. I have now tried twice to install .595 stock and both times it is locking my phone in a boot loop where the moto M just flashes briefly and nothing happens. it says it installed the .595 ok but when i go to reboot the system it locks up and i have to sbf again.

  5. Newbie here. I installed the 588 update on my phone a few days ago. As far as I know, my phone is not rooted at all unless that somehow rooted it which I doubt. You said to use clockwork recovery and d2 bootstrap, but upon downloading both seem to say that I need to first root my phone. Is that really the case even though I am trying to go to the non-root 595 update?

    I tried applying the by powering down and holding the proper keys to get into boot recovery. But when I tried applying the update, it would abort. I’ve tried using the original filename and I’ve also changed the name to I don’t know if that matters. I also downloaded the file using my computer three times, twice via your link, and once from another source. Each file says the proper size of 159.8, so I believe I have the complete file.

    Thank you very much for posting the instructions, especially the video. I really would appreciate it if you could help educate me a little further so I can get my phone to 595.


    • Ok so if u installed .588 u are already on gingerbread… If u did flash that it comes prerooted… To install .595 just boot into cwm with d2bootstrap and install .zip from sdcard… Do not rename or unzip the .595 file

      • Thanks for the reply. All I did to get the .588 on was put it on the root of my sd card and use regular boot recovery to apply the update. I didn’t do anything else.
        So I just installed d2bootstrap, but when I hit the Bootstrap Recovery button, it says Failure…error running exec()…working directory: null Environment: null.

        Maybe my phone isn’t rooted then?

  6. Cant wait till i can download this version. Set back is I dont know if my rom will work with this version sadly.

  7. I have froyo 2.3.340 rooted on my droidX, I have downloaded the 595zip folder, do i download the D2bootstrap or the DXbootstrap to install the zip file? oh & your walk-throughs should always be thorough, there will always be a noob right?

    • Tdotgray… .595 is an update only… U will need to install the 3part .588 files first then install .595 on top of that… Yes download d2bootstrap from the quick files section on the homepage… Then check out the .588 page for instructions… Then proceed with .595 update

  8. When I installed .588, I only used a single file – why are people talking about three part files for. 588?

  9. I have. 588 installed but im pretty sure it is not rooted — I don’t have the super user app icon and when running d2bootstrapper, an error occurs.

    Do I need to root my x to update to .595? If so, please post a link for the best instructions to do so. There is so much info on the web that im getting confused with all the different, contradicting info.

    Thanks for all your help.

  10. Mark… Yes u must be rooted to boot into clockwork recovery… Install the gingerbreak1.2 apk and run that with usb debugging on to get root… Download the file in the quick downloads section

    • Thank you so much for your help. My X is finally on 595. I’ve spent so much time trying to figure out what to do, but you saved me from spending a whole lot more time. Thanks!

  11. Hello,

    I have been trying to upgrade to .595. My current system version is 4.5.573.

    I have been trying to download the When I download it from your site my computer automatically unzips it. When I zip it back up…it doesn’t seem to work. I tried to download it directly to my phone and that didn’t work either. It just cancels the installation. I believe something about Md5 in the recovery. Are there any special steps?


  12. hi.. i just got .588 for droid x and i download the .595 from here stock. how can i upgrade from .588 to .595 please help i need step by step i’m new on this…thanks

  13. Hey, thanks again for all your help. I really appreciate it.

    As a small thank you, I just donated $10 to your site.

  14. I can’t download anything off the internet or thru the Market, after I did this update… what went wrong?

  15. DROIDMODDERX YOU R THE MAN…afther the instructions that you gave i got my droid from .588 to .595 with no problems it runs fine and also i can watch movies on netflix..thanks

  16. Was running .588 rooted, was successful in updating to .595 odexed. Now able to run Netflix with no issues. Thanks.

  17. i am on the 595 odexed…Since updating the calendar on my phone will not sync with google calendar. If i make an entry on the computer to my calendar it will sync to my phone but if i make a calendar entry on my phone it will not sync to google calendar online. In the calendar app under settings it shows my phone calendar but will only let me toggle between visible and not visible. It will not highlight the sync icon. Any thoughts?

  18. Jeff… I cant even get my calander to open on .595 there are still a few bugs in this build… Like if I delete an email on the phone it is still in my inbox? I dunno maybe wipe data in stock recovery, but I think its a bug… I doubt if that would fix it… But it might

  19. Hi….guys keep in mind that I kept my DROIDX in that stock
    1-i updated to. 588 stock
    2-used gingerbreak from this site.
    3-d2bootstrap from here.
    4- used stock from here also.

    That’s how I got my DROIDX runing like a charm..

  20. So I’m running .573 on my x. Do I have to flash the .588 build to my phone and then install .595 or can I just run .595 on top of .573?

  21. I went from from stock group to. 588 stock to .595 stock. I did it the way I posted father gingerbreak it roots it then d2boostrap to flash with .fallow the video that droismodderx posted ..

  22. no…i went from stock froyo to .588 stock then afther that i did the update.
    1- gingerbreak to root the droidx
    2- d2boostrap reboot recovery.
    3- boostrap to load (do not rename file)
    fallow the video here.

  23. Hi, im a total newbie, so i could use help. I am on stock froyo and use z4root to root my phone. i have backed up all my data using titanium backup. can i get some step by step instructions on how to get 595? i tried once before but something went wrong and i had to sbf back to 2.3.34.
    thank you

    • Ok root with z4.. Download the 3 part .588 update.. reboot phone and Flash that using d2bootstrap.. Then flash the .595 update on top of that using d2bootstrap

      • If you upgrade this way will you lose root with 595? Is it possible to run .595 rooted? I’m on the first GB leak for DX and wondering if it’s worth a try.

      • Kevin there is a prerooted version of .595 on this page.. If u are on first gb then sbf to stock flash 3part .588 update then reboot and flash .595 rooted on top of that

      • Thanks Man! If I do this update is it possible to accept OTA? Also is the leak good? Worth the trouble?

  24. I have gone into the stock boot by pressing both home and the power button. This brings up the droid and the exclamation point. I then try to press both the up and the down buttons at the same time and nothing his happeneing at all. What do I do from here?

  25. Try a few more times… When you say a bootloop… Do you mean the boot animation starts over and splashes the word droid.. Or does the droid eye stay up forever… If the animation doesnt start over ur not in a bootloop… It could take up to 15 minutes to bootup on initial boot

  26. the motorola M keeps coming up and staying on for about 2 seconds then goes off again. It just keeps repeating this process.

  27. Okay, so I installed the GB .595 accidentally before the .588 and I am stuck in boot loop and can’t access anything. Can’t open/cache/recover/command. Please help!! I have tried factory reset and it did the same thing when I rebooted.

  28. This is all very confusing to me, so forgive if I sound like an idiot. I installed v4.5.588 on my unrooted DroidX without any problems, and all is working fine.

    So the way I understand it, in order to upgrade to v4.5.595 I have to have a root my DroidX, so I downloaded Gingerbreak v1.2 from ( ), and installed it. And all still seems to be working fine.

    Now can I install v4.5.595? and are the instructions different?

      • And just to be clear Ok, I can’t just install the same as I did the .588 version?
        i.e. load .595 version on to the root of my SDcard, and then boot into recovery mode (holding home + power then search) and install file.

        Gingerbreak is not enough, I still need d2 bootstrap?

        Is that correct?

    • Thanks! I really appreciate your patience, but I have one last question [or two].

      Now that I’ve downloaded the Droid X Bootstrap, do I just open that app, and hit “Reboot Recovery”? or do I have to reboot the phone, and go into recovery mode?

      And secondly do I have to place the update file in the root of my SD card, or can I download directly to the phone, which then goes into the download file on my phone?

      Thanks again for your patience. I just want to make sure I don’t screw it up.

      • Nevermind, I took a chance and everything worked fine. Now up to v4.5.595. Thanks for all the help!

  29. Hey DroidModderX,
    Just wanted to see if you knew off hand if … I can flash .595 deo i’ve my DC running the .588 w/ liberty v0.5 w/ the .591 kernel? I’d love to get the netflix app running but not at the expense of my rom.
    Thanks for any insight!

  30. How is it going?
    Quick question. Does Gingerbreak work on the 595 release?

    Thanks for the information.

  31. I installed .595 and it works great, thank you for all your tutorials. BUT when I reboot the X, it open directly to Clockwork… All I have to do is click on reboot and all is well, just wondering if this is normal?
    I am coming from a Year with a fully modded HTC INC.

  32. I really hate to sound like a newb but I was able to download the .zip you posted. Can’t figure how to turn it into an .apk file. I’ve tried extracting and rezip with a rename to apk but tells me unable to parse when installing. Is this a pc project? Or is there an app via android will help. I currently have androzip and root explorer.

  33. When I run RSDlite, to flash sbf, There is nothing under devices. I can’t get it to read my phone? Is there an alnernate route.

    P.s. -Huge thumbs up for all of your work and for the replies with help to all of our questions. So much better than the forums!

    • Ryan… Ur welcome..chances are u dont have proper moto drivers…grab the moto drivers in the quick downloads section… U could try the sbf portable (i have not tried it but it has gotten some good reviews)…also remember rsdlite cant recognize the phone unless its in bootloader mode.

      • yeah Well now when I go to bootloader it says battery low, can’t program. Is that what “bricked” means? also, is there any way around this. And do you have a tutorial for sbf portable? Where are the moto drivers too? Ha, sorry for all the questions, but ovbiously I am new to this. And I’m trying to get it fixed soon, otherwise I need to purchase a new phone.

        Once again, Thanks so much for the help!

  34. Hi..I got my DROIDX from froyo to .588 to .595 all stock. Now my question is what’s the benefit of rooting my DROIDX the good and the bad?????

  35. Yea u need to charge ur batt, u could take the batt only to vzw and ask them to charge it.. Or u could use a friends x to charge it.. Or there is a way to splice a usb cable then touch the ends to the batt.. Once u have a charged battery rsdlite should recognize it… Moto drivers are in the right hand side menu labeled quick downloads

  36. Hi. You’ve helped me get onto 595 stock but now im bored. I can use gingerbreak to root my phone right? When the ota update is available, can I just flash using the stock 595 file like I did when I upgraded from 588 to 595? Would that get it to a point that I could receive the update?
    Thanks for all your help,

  37. So I’m on GB 588 and I’m wondering if I can SBF These Files Because my camera button is broke and I can’t select anything in clockwork mod…

  38. So I’m on GB 588 and I’m wondering if I can SBF These Files Because my camera button is broke and I can’t select anything in clockwork mod…

  39. Thanks in advance for the support you so freely offer to people. I have successfully rooted and am running 595. I am now having some internet issues. When loading browser I get the VZW subscription offer page. I did not load a rom like Liberty…do I need to do that too?

    • No… If u are getting that its because u tried to wireless tether… Its a mechanism vzw has built in to their vetsion of gb to put an end to wifi tether… Just reboot ur phone and dont try to wifi tether again.. Use pdanet instead

      • I see…so the wireless teether program is obsolete? I have pdanet and it works great…just not wireless that I know of?
        Thanks for the reply!

  40. Okay, So I have installed the MotoDrivers. And I am in bootloader mode but I’m still not getting RSDlite to recognize the device. Have you ever had this happen before?

  41. @ryan I couldn’t get mine to be recognized either….but when i bootup the bootloader it shows up…just wouldn’t show up in windows…if it doesn’t unplug and plug back in usb cord while still in bootloader

    • Thanks Tom, I’m gonna give it a try. Will reply in just a few minutes and let you know if it works. Do I leave RSD up and running or do I plug in and then open RSD?

      • I tried and it didn’t work tom. Any other suggestions. Which drivers did you install? I first used 32bit on an older computer and it worked perfectly, now I’m doing my friend’s on my new laptop that is 64bit and it doesn’t read it in RSD.

  42. I installed the moro program called “motorola driver installer” and then went to it in the start menu and installed them…i was on vista…32 bit…

  43. Quick question, will there be a way to root after the OTA release of GB, and will there be a way to wireless tether? I know this info isn’t really available yet, but just give me an idea.

  44. I’m no 595 stock right now. If I want to root it does that mean I have to sbf back to froyo, then to 588, and then to 595 deodexed? I tried gingerbreak, but I guess that doesn’t work on 595.

    Thanks for your help,

  45. Im on 595 stock … it there away to make my sounds louder or there’s an app for it please let me know thanks….

  46. Hello –
    OK I have a DX stock 2.3.340 and rooted. No fancy ROMS. I would like to get to the Rooted GB .595 blur.

    Please advise what files I need. I am reading some conflicting information here. One guy I here say three parts are needed first then one guy has the same setup as me and was able to go right to rooted .595 avoiding the three files.

    If someone would be so kind and let me know EXACTLY what I need to download (and where) and if possible what order to install this. Heck I will write the doc of my journey. As mentioned I just read some conflicting things or perhaps I am making this too difficult than it is. 🙂

    Thanks for reading.

  47. Thanks! That worked like a champ! .588 has been installed rebooted. As soon as I saw the red “M” Logo i figured it was good. Will install .595 tomorrow.

    That was too damn easy. Again I appreciate your prompt responses.

  48. Applied .595. With no problems after my .58 from last night.

    again thanks

    and as Morphy’s law goes Verizon releasing GB on DX this weekend..

    Snippet from a different site
    ” Verizon just dropped us a line to confirm that the Motorola Droid X indeed is getting its official Gingerbread update (see our hands-on) this week. The push will begin on Friday. You might not get it in the initial wave, but we should have the manual download location quickly enough. “

  49. I’m on the leaked .588 unrooted. When I boot up the phone while holding Power+Home, it goes from Red M to the Triangle ! but after that I don’t have anything else. I don’t see the file system like i did on 430 where I get to choose The home button, volume keys, or camera button don’t do anything.. I have to pull he battery out to get it back on. I don’t want to root the phone, I want to be able to OTA to .596. Any idea what’s up?

    • Now I’m confused. In this post you indicate that you can get the OTA if you’ve upgraded to 4.5.595.

      The second method involves getting yourself on the proper build so you can receive the offical OTA once it is pushed. You can upgrade to the official OTA if you are running Blur build 4.5.595.

      Is that now not correct? Was that faulty information?

  50. Marc… the day I posted this it was believed that u could go from .595 straight to ota .596.. Shortly after I posted this it was announced that you would have to be on stock froyo… I did edit the post.. At the top it says “Just In….” I thought I had made it clear im sorry if u didnt understand… Under video walkthroughs there is an sbf tutorial.. Let me know if u have any questions.

  51. So I have to go back to foto get the official gingerbread. Can you send me a video with the steps in how to go back but I’m not going back to froyo until I know the official version ist out

  52. So I have to go back to froyo get the official gingerbread. Can you send me a video with the steps in how to go back but I’m not going back to froyo until I know the official version ist out

  53. Ok, I check out the video to sbf my phone back to stock, but I have a couple of questions just for clarification.

    First I assume I can’t do this on a Mac. It must be done on a PC. Correct?

    And by Moto Drivers, are you referring to the ‘Motorola 4.9.0 Driver with MotoHelper’, and is installed on the PC along with RSD Lite and 2.3.340 file? Are there other drivers?

    Also you say to use RSD Lite 4.8, but 4.9 is out. Does that matter?


  54. Marc… Rsdlite is designed for windows and works best with xp and vista… The motorola drivers can be found in the quick download section… They are needed to get your phone to connect properly to the pc.. I use rsdlite4.8 because its always worked for me if you have trouble with rsd4.9 as lots of people have you can use rsd4.8… make sure your sbf file is unzipped as well.

    Before you sbf and upgrade to ota keep in mind there is not a rootmethod atm…i hope this helps

    • Unzip the sbf file? It isn’t a zipped file. Is it?

      When I double clicked it, I got a window that says it can’t open it, and requesting to search for a program to open it.

      I just downloaded it from the sbf my phone back to froyo post. Is there something else to do?

  55. Good morning.. where can I get the steps to put my phone back to froyo so I could get the ato from Verizon ..

    • I got bck to froyo thanks. U posted that we can flash 595 with 596? I have all the files to go up to 595 again or I have to wait for the ota.

  56. How can I tell which version of .595 I have installed? I think I installed the Full Odexed version over the stock version, but I can’t remember for sure. If that’s the case do I need to sbf to get the OTA update that was just announced?

    • Mike to tell if u are odexed go into system/app in rootexplorer and xheck if it says odexed behind the app… You can not receive the ota unless you are on stock froyo, so if u are on ANY version of GB u will need to sbf

  57. Can’t seem to reroot with Gingerbreak on v4.5.595. I’ve installed Busybox, but it won’t install. I keep getting an error message, “The application Busybox Installer has stopped unexpectedly.”

    I click on root device in Gingerbreak, and it goes through the process, reboots, but doesn’t root.

    Any suggestions?

  58. Been there done that!

    Then deleted Gingerbreak, superuser, busybox and titanium back up, and then reinstalled everything again.

    Rooted w/Gingerbreak, but got same error message with busybox, and titanium backup states it can’t’ detect root.

    Tried opening up superuser, and got the message there was a newer version, and tried to install it. Instead it downloaded a file to my SD card and reboot into recovery mode to install. Booted into recovery, but when the triangle and droid came up, phone froze.

    So I’m still stuck

    • I was on the same boat. Finally found out on here that I would have to go back to 588 then to 595 rooted (deodexed or odexed). Anyway, no point now if there will be a new root for 596. Gosh, I’m so glad we have people out there that are brilliant enough to do that kind of stuff, then share it with the rest of us. I certainly would never be able to do of this stuff if it wasn’t for them and droidmodderx.

  59. Ok, nevermind.

    I downloaded Astro, and was able to backup the apps that needed backing up to my sd card, so don’t need to worry about rooting right now.

    • Marc… Thats good… I read that stock .595 is not rootable via gingerbreak although some have said it worked for them… So it seems to get root ull have to sbf flash .588 then .595 rooted… P3droid is working on .596 rooted right now its supposed to be out tonight

      • P3droid is has succesfully rooted and deodexed .596 it will flash directly over .588/.591/ or .595 no need to wipe
        Ill post it here when its available

  60. Ok I went down to stock froyo to get the ota no update yet from Verizon. What’s new can get back gingerbread. 595 stock and get flash 596 on it please help..

  61. Is out just me, after updating to .595 and some one sends a text you would receive the same text twice? (duplicate) so another words if you are on a limited texting plan beware.

  62. I think I got a problem. Was sbfing my phone back to 2.3.340. Everything went fine up until the end, when the phone is stuck trying to reboot, and the status bar says to “Manually reboot phone”

    Do I have a problem?

  63. Actually it says “Please power up this phone”

    The phone seems to be stuck in a “boot loader” mode. It keeps cycling between Droid and then to the red eye.

  64. Hey guys what’s that new I’ve heared what are people downloading 596 already not from Verizon. Please let me know if is true and id there’s a root already.

  65. running .595 non root. I did not receive OTA yet, but my wife running stock froyo got it tonight. I thought installing .595 was what I needed to get OTA. I would have stayed on .588 rooted otherwise. I really don’t want to SBF and lose everything. Can someone suggest something please?

  66. What’s going on with Verizon ota update its screwing the DROIDX in the updates its seem that 596are prerooted is working better than the stock software ..

  67. it wont let me download d2 bootstrap on my phone. it wont let me download any unknown source, and i even have download unknown sources checked in the settings!

  68. i have 4.5.573 and im trying to flash the and i cant get into recovery with D2 bootstrap.. so i tried the manually and still nuthing!

  69. i have 4.5.573 and im trying to flash the and i cant get into recovery with D2 bootstrap.. so i tried the manually and still nuthing! any suggestions ????

    • Alex…what version are u on and how did u get there?…if u are rooted u may still need to install busybox if on. 595…as its not included… just go to the market,download busybox installer and run that

  70. Im a bit confused im on team black hats .573 rooted version of 2.3.3 do I love need to Sbf my phone or can I just flash this new version in clockworld recover?

  71. Im a bit confused im on team black hats .573 rooted version of 2.3.3 do I love need to Sbf my phone or can I just flash this new version in clockworld recover? And what’s the difference between deodexed and prefer version thanks again…

    • Sweet! !! Downloading now! ! Again I can just flash right no need to Sbf? ?? Sorry so many questions .. thanks again

  72. You may have an incomplete files try downloading to your pc and transferred to your sd card also make sure that you flash all 3 parts in clockwork recovery before rebooting

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