Officail OTA 2.3.3 (4.5.596) upgrade from froyo or GB .588/.591/.595




Official DX Gingerbread 2.3.3 (4.5.596) Release Thread – Something for everyone
Hey all, its been a long time since you have seen a leak. LOL. WAIT, this isn’t a leak, this is the official release of Gingerbread by Motorola and Verizon.


Method One
The first method to upgrade to gingerbread from froyo is to sbf you phone back to stock froyo (2.3.340) and await for the upgrade OTA. (BAD IDEA)

Method Two
The second method to upgrade to gingerbread from froyo is to sbf you phone back to stock froyo (2.3.340) and use the 2 install files from below.

Method Three
The third method is for anyone currently running a Gingerbread leak (588/591/595). You can just install the appropriate zip right over the top of your previous build.


None of this would be possible without the BUBBA and many others, so we all say thank you very much.

Basic Directions:

Dowload the zip
Reboot phone into Clockwork Recovery
Install the Zip file.


Deodexed – Must be on a Gingerbread Leak

md5sum: f93b7b36edb8720862770dd77302773e
file size: 162 MB (169,992,646 bytes)

Download Now
Mirror 1: Download Now

Mirror2: Download Now

Mirror 3: Download Now

************************************************** *********************

Odexed Version – Must be on a Gingerbread Leak

md5sum: 362a3adacba17897ac3dfb8cf22b2e54
file size: 163 MB (171,137,053 bytes)

Download Now
Mirror 1: Download Now

Mirror 2: Download Now

Mirror 3: Download Now

************************************************** *********************

Patched (not signed)
You must follow the directions exactly to the letter, if you do not I can not guarantee the results. Please do not post questions here if you have not read the directions below. Before beginning ensure that you understand the directions that you have read.

Good now that you have read above the you are ready to proceed.

1. Your phone must be in the following condition before you can use the patched updater.

1.Your phone is running the 2.3.340 official Froyo Firmware
2.Your phone has been rooted
3.Your phone is using the Droid2 Bootstrap program (Do Not Use DroidX Bootstrap)

Install part 1 and then part 2 before leaving recovery!!

File Part 1
md5sum: a02e41f06370419ac4f8f77c45b52c1e
file size: 99.4 MB (104,274,395 bytes)

Mirror 1: Download Now
Mirror 2: Download Now
Mirror 3: Download Now

File Part 2
md5sum: 652ae2341f17fd46631be26c28e28eac
file size: 12.9 MB (13,534,847 bytes)

Mirror 1: Download Now
Mirror 2: Download Now
Mirror 3: Download Now

************************************************** *********************

Full Stock Version (Signed) – Phone must be completely stock
You will install this file using the stock Recovery of the device.

file size :

Mirror 1: Download Now
Mirror 2: Download Now
Mirror 3: Download Now

************************************************** ******************

Torrent that contains (odexed, deodexed, and 2 part

DX_GB_596_All (download torrent) – TPB

************************************************** ******************

This is an that you must load through bootstrap. It will turn on the easter egg which is the Forest Live Wallpaper (pulled from the Dx2)

169 responses to “Officail OTA 2.3.3 (4.5.596) upgrade from froyo or GB .588/.591/.595

  1. As usual, I’m a little confused.

    What’s the difference between the Full Stock Version (signed), and the patched (unsigned) parts 1 & 2?

    The difference appears to be which method of recover you use, i.e. D2 Bootstrap or normal recovery mode power+home then search.

    Can you use either? I am on stock Froyo 2.3.340(rooted).

  2. WOW!!!Great job guys. Worked good…no problems:-). Would I be able to install the crt animation with this update without having to wipe data or anything?

  3. Thanks alot…Love it. You guys rock. Keep up the good work and can’t wait to see more updates:-)

    • ok from reading here it sounds like if you are on the non root version of 595 you are pretty much stuck for the moment.

      So I have a couple questions.

      Do we know if the non root 595 version will be able to load the OTA update?

      An idea if we will see a gingerbreak version that will break 595 anytime soon?

      I guess I’m lazy and don’t want to SBF which I gotta say was a major pain in the ass since for some reason it just doesn’t want to work on my computer. I ended up trying it after moving the image file all over the place and finally it just worked. Not sure why but maybe I just got lucky.

      So I’m kinda afraid of going through that again and even if I do I loose a fair amount of time getting apps setup and various configs working again. So I’m inclined to wait it out on 595.

      I’m having two issues on 595, anyone have these or know a solution?

      1. It seems to stop texting after awhile. It looks like it works but people don’t get my messages. Rebooting fixes it. I have it setup to request ack or something like that so now it tells me they didn’t work.

      2. Blue tooth is being finicky. It works but will just stop working for no reason. Again a reboot fixes it.

      • John… U are right if u are unrooted on .595 ur only option is to sbf… The only issue I had with .595 was it would drop 3g id toggle airplane mode on and off and it would come back…i dont see a future build of gingerbreak fixing ur problem although who knows what they are working on… And no the only way to receive ota from verizon no matter what gb build u are running is to sbf to stock froyo

  4. Is there another site to download the full stock? I keep trying this mirror and it only downloads update.htm 313 bytes

  5. Thanks for all your work!

    I’m on leaked 588 so I downloaded method 3. I renamed the file to on my SD root.
    When I try to flash I get the missing signature error.
    What am I getting misding? I thought it will just install over 588.
    thanks again.

    • I’d love to know this as well. I am seeing the exact same issue.

      If this is not possible, will the OTA version upgrade 588?

  6. First let me say thanks to the whole team.

    I have a the “stock” .595 installed from froyo. I would like to upgrade to stock .596 just in case I want future OTA upgrades, and I would prefer not to have to wipe out any data/settings.

    Can I download the stock file and just run with standard recovery, or is there anything special to do?

    • Dd and pinz.. You need to download the .596 file either odexed or deodexed… And install it via d2bootstrap… The is for those running stock rooted froyo

      • I’m running the stock .595 from your site. You said .596 will install over it in that post. when I download it says update.htm 313 bytes. What is going wrong? I also tried deodexed but I can’t get root on this build using gingerbreak in order to use D2 bootstrap. Can you please help?

    • The completely stock version is supposed to be installed from stock froyo if u read the directions ” Full Stock Version (Signed) – Phone must be completely stock You will install this file using the stock Recovery of the device”

    • If I sbf how do I save all my user settings so I don’t lose my angry birds progress and other games and tools settings?

  7. hanks for the continued hard work and providing the updates. Sorry to ask a newbie question. But, what is difference between Odexed and Deodexed?

  8. Cheese.. odexed is stock.. Deodexing gives u the ability to add themes and modififications ie crt, batt mod ect.. Although roms come predeodexed so when we start seeing roms on .596 it wont matter

  9. I am on the stock 595 (recommended) build from this site. I have tried gingerbreak 1.20 from links on this site, and the d2bootstrap. These were the same tools I used to get 595 installed.

    595 stock will not root with gingerbreak, it almost appears to work after it reboots with no errors, and even has a unroot option. However it is not rooted, and if you try to unroot it fails to remount /system as read/write.

    The d2bootstrap says success on clicking bootstrap recovery, however when you push reboot recovery it does nothing.

    I cannot boot to bootstrap recovery, and normal recovery mode will not take the deodex, odex, or obviously stock

    Am up SOL from following this sites recommendations, or am I missing something?

  10. Thank you.
    Both bootstrap and clockwork require to be rooted, right?
    If I don’t want to root, my only option is to get back on Foyo, is that correct?

  11. I installed the crt animation after successfully installing 596. After reboot i started getting pop up screens saying things were not working and asking to force close. The windows just kept popping up. I tried to wipe data and got thrown in to a boot loop. Any ideas? I am sbf’ing now.

    • which version… if you installed the crt for a prior version it wouldnt work because of the build.prop mods would be for the previous version and not .596 i posted the crt for .596 in the comments try that one instead

      • That is the one i used. the 596 version…i flashed zip from sd card in boot strap and then rebooted…is that the correct way to install?

  12. I did the 2 step update from froyo. It got my calendar back working properly. Im not sure if its odexed or deodexed

  13. I tried to go from Froyo .340 rooted by using part 1 and 2 and everything went fine installing them and then when rebooting system the red moto logo came up and my phone went to bootloader error (black screen) and would not do anything else. Tried pulling battery and going into stock recovery but it would only come up to bootloader error screen. Did I miss something or why didn’t this work? Thank goodness I was able to get my phone back using RDS lite but I would like to get Gingerbread running. Any ideas what I did wrong?

    • Ok did you flash both files in the same clockwork session? If so try redownloading the files and install them again…make sure you are on .12P (it is if u sbfd back to 2.3.340) also you must be rooted and must use d2bootstrap to flash the files

      • Mine still says .07P. I actually did the OTA SBF because I had deleted some bloatware and as I understood it I needed to SBF. Do you need to wipe data before you install 2.2.340 in recovery using DX Bootstrap? I must have missed a tiny step somewhere. I think my problem lies in the SBF part cause I followed the instructions completely in flashing the 2 files in D2 bootstrap.

    • Do I use DX bootstrap to flash this? Do I need to wipe data or anything else just before installing this from sd card?

      • I am on. 340 rooted but with. 07 radio. So here is what I understand correct me if I’m wrong. I need to use the file above to SBF back to stock. 340 with
        .12 radio by wiping data then install from sd card using D2 bootstrap. Then root again using Z4 root. Once I have that then I can follow directions again to install part 1 and 2 from sd card. Reboot and I should be up and running. Do I need to wipe/ factory reset at any point in this? I’m scared of ending up with a bootloader error again. Cause at that point I could not get phone to boot into recovery. Thanks for all your help.

  14. Hi droidmodderx do you if netflix is working in this 596 update cause I saw a droid x2 stock from Verizon and it not supported…

  15. I just got a completely stock Droid X off of ebay and I’m brand new to Android. Been reading threads all weekend. Just to be sure… I need to download the Full Stock Version (Signed), and use the standard phone recovery ( method)?

    Thanks for your help.

  16. i just read that the update to 596 coming from froyo is odexed, if u want deodexed u must flash the GB version 596 on top of that.

  17. Follow-up here: do I assume correctly that “Settings > About phone > Baseband version BP_C_01.09.12P” means I have .12P radio installed?

    Just a guess…

  18. One last thing: I’m on the .07p radio, .340, rooted, stock ROM. Can I do method 2 from there or do I have to update my radio to .12 before doing the install? If so, what’s the best method?

      • Thanks! You just saved me what could have been a boatload of headache. Donation coming momentarily.

        I don’t have access to a Windows or Linux machine (on Mac). Can I get the .12p radio by doing the Maderstock method?

      • Creaky I believe it updates the radio… But it only works coming from froyo… Some have said ghey got stuck at bootloader after flashing gb .596 over maderstock… Be prepaired to sbf if it doesnt pan out.. It may work though and is worth a try

      • Thanks again for the fast response! I think I will hold off until I’m on a Windows machine and do a proper sbf before flashing 596.

  19. Even after I SBF my phone still has .07. I install the file with D2 bootstrapper but when I reboot the phone still has my wallpaper and all my settings, why is this? I am getting frustrated, can’t seem to figure this out and I have read multititudes of forums about all of us. What am I doing wrong?

    • Scott: I don’t know what you’re doing wrong and I’m no expert. But when your comment came in I was just wondering if DMX could help us with another question I have: Because I don’t have a Windows/Linux machine handy to sbf, I’m wondering if I can upgrade from .340 stock rom rooted w/ .07p radio to 588 in order to get the .12p radio and THEN load the deodexed 596 build on top of that. Or am I just tempting an ill fate….

  20. This worked for me. It is up to others if that want to try it. I used the like liberty donate toolbox to get to liberty v0.6 and then used D2 bootstrap to install the rooted deodexed stock .596. I wiped data, cache, and delvik and then installed the zip from sd. It took a while 3 to 5 minutes to install, but it seems to be a very clean install.

    If it helps anyone great, and like we have all read time and again “use at your own risk.”

    Many thanx to DroidModderX. You were indispensable in my transition from my nice easy to flash DROID 1 to my awesome DROID X.

  21. To give an update: I now have Gingerbread rooted on my Droid X. I used RDS lite to SBF with stock .340 and radio .07. Wiped data/factory reset. Then it booted up in out of the box condition. I then rooted using Z4root and used D2 Bootstrap to install part 1 and part 2 of the rooted Gingerbread. Rebooted my system and it worked perfectly. Now running rooted Gingerbread and restoring my apps using Titanium Backup. Thanks DroidmodderX for your help and everyone else’s input.

  22. I am running 4.5.588 unrooted. A few months back I found this update that did not require any rooting or magic. It loaded directly from the boot recovery settings. I would like to upgrade to .596 and have the official version.

    Im not extremely savoy with this hacker stuff but I tried loading both files about through the standard bootloader and both failed. I also downloaded D2 Bootstrap but Im guessing since my phone isn’t rooted it gave me an error.

    What is the easiest way to get .596 and have the stock version without having to root or is that a necessary evil?

    • If u are running the .588 then u must use the .596 deodexed file… The two part is only if you are coming from rooted froyo… Try the .596 deodexed file or either sbf to stock then root then flash the two part

  23. I use the free Wireless Tether for Root. If I update to the Gingerbread w/ root, will it be possible to get free wifi tethering

  24. I just found out Wireless Tether for Root is blocked. Sends you to Verizon 3G subscription page. That was my favorite too. And me data was cut off until I rebooted.

  25. Would I have to wipe data/factory reset before getting the .596 gb on my phone. It’s act weird nothing seems to be working right. Did I do something wrong?

  26. Good news! Flashed 588 and all seems well – now on the .12p radio! Just two more questions before flashing 596 on top:

    – Do I need to wipe data/cache/dalvik before flashing 596 over 588?

    – Do I need to deodex 588 before flashing the 596 deodex over it?

    Thanks again DMX – you are the man!

      • Just flashed 596 and its running beautifully. Thanks again for all your help – this is the best site of its kind.

        P.S. Is the really just some extra wallpaper? Or should I flash it through Clockwork for added functionality?

    • I have .588 and have tried to goto .596 using the Odexed Version and I’m getting
      “E:signature verification failed Installation aborted.”
      I have left the file name as is and have renamed it to same error.
      I have downloaded Droid X Bootstrapper and when I click on Bootstrap Recovery I get:
      Failure: Error running exec().
      Command:[su,-c, ./data/
      droidx.bootstrap/files/] Working
      Directory: null Environment:

      When I click on Reboot Recovery nothing happens.
      Any help would be great.

      • SBC and do the two part patched….or if u weretrying to install the unrooted it must be installed via stock recovery not clockwork reckovery

    • droidmodderx,
      What is SBC? The only way I have tried to apply the update was the Power/Home then Volume buttons. The other using the app was another attempt. What/where can I get the unrooted file?

  27. i have updated my droid x from .595 to .596 but now i wanna use roms can you recommend any roms that would work on .596. on the side note, can you recommend a rom that is really fast and and doesnt have bloat ware for my droid x. I am a very heavy user and it trends to get slow plus i have to charge my phone atleast 2 times a day.Love your work keep it going.

  28. I was just wondering if zombiestomped 1.7 works on the .596 deodexed or do I have to wait for them to update?

    • It may work, but it would also downgrade you to .595… Id wait… I believe jake is working on an update as we speak… I know he just recently updated the customizer

  29. Thanks im on .596 deodexed with the crt animation right now is there anything else I can customize right now or any roms available yet other than liberty?

  30. Nevermind. I SBF again and used 2 part install. I wiped data to fix sync issue and everything seems to be fine now. Am I deodexed? How can I tell?

      • so you have to install the two part install and then go back and flash the deodexer file over the two part flash to get a fully deodexed .596…???…also when is the release date for the CM7..?

    • Make sure u have the complete file.. Maybe try redownloading it over wifi… Make sure u are flashing it via stockrecovery as an (also it should be in zipform and not unzipped) and not clockworkmod.

  31. I put 5.9.5 on my droid 2 and it keeps booting me into the stop bootloader. the one that tells you to connect usb

  32. Okay, my phone automatically installed the OTA update, So can you tell me how to get the update. I have Sbf back to stock Froyo 2.3.3 and am now rooted. What do I do now? I have read a lot of comments but I am very confused.

  33. So I went from 588 to 596 without speech hitch.
    My question is will this be a recognized version of 596,meaning eligibeligible for any future OTAs?

    Thank you

  34. Fantastic, worked flawlessly! One question, my favorite part of being rooted on Froyo was the access to the wireless tether. Do you know if it is going to be possible to get wireless tether on the .596 version with getting around the verizon block? Also, can you tell me some of the advantages to being rooted running .596 what are some things you can do with root access? Becuase if it isn’t that much better I may Sbf back to Froyo so I can have wireless access.

    • I tried it the day it came out and couldn’t get it to work… I was going to post it here butfigured if I couldn’t get it to work then surely others would have the same issue… did u do anything other than what was posted at this link

      • Jeff after you DL the new wireless tether turn on tether than go to settings than change dns to than tether will restart than change alternate dns to tether will restart again than you should be good to go! !!! Works great I run my laptop and ps3 off it and no problems hope this helps….

  35. Is there an apk for Android 2.3.4?? I have 2.3.3 and wondering if gingerbreak would root it for me since I OTA’s it for shits and giggles.

  36. Hello Droidmodderx i installed the .596 everything working well but my wireless tether is not working, its saying “sorry, but your kernel does not have all necessary features for access control feature of this application. Access control will be disabled”
    please help

  37. So I had to SBF my phone and I did the OTA Verizon update to 4.5.596 so far all is well but I lost my root for future ROMS and Themes! Any ideas on how to fix this? Also is there anyway to get free thethering via wifi or when connected to a computer?

    • 🙂 to get root back you’ll need to sbf back to froyo… then root via z4root, then install d2bootstrap and flash thhe 2part patched update from above… make sure to flash both files in the same session…then you will be on rooted ota gingerbread… as for wifi…its been blocked by vzw on gingerbread so if you want wifitether u can only do that on froyo for now otherwise pdanet still works on gingerbread

      • ok thanks I will get to it asap….if you could make the ULTIMATE Droid X what you have installed such as OS, ROM, Themes etc?

      • Dave… apex is my favorite of the roms that are complete… however there are several in the works right now that I’m looking forward to like MIUI and TranqGspot and others…. once Cm7 is final it may very well be my favorite…with the theme Chooser you could really have a different theme everyday for several months…plus its faster than any other rom out to date”

  38. Hey man im coming from Froyo, and tryed to get file .588 flashed on my phone but an error keeps poping up saying “pach fail/ sd card/ abort. and wont go any further. it also does the same thing with this 2 part file onhere. My goal is to get to .596 rooted. But it wont install anything and i followed all your steps 1) root 2)bootstrap 3) instal…then error? do i need to SBF my phone? Help please my man

  39. so you have to install the two part install and then go back and flash the deodexer file over the two part flash to get a fully deodexed .596…???…also when is the release date for the CM7..?

  40. I went with method number 2 and it was a breeze. I appreciate and thank Black Team for all of the amazing things they’re doing. Just follow the directions to a tee and you’ll get what you want.

  41. I ran these instructions last night because VZW forced OTA 596 on me and it worked perfectly, now running rooted 2.3.3 4.5.596. BUT……Now Neither PDANet ( nor wireless tether ( work properly. VZW detects both of them and re-routes all traffic to their “please sign-up for tethering” page. Not sure if this is related to the new ROM or the changes in their data package policies that took place about the same time as I installed the ROM. BTW PDAnet does still work on my LG Revolution, BUT wireless tether does not. Also WMWiFIRouter still works on my WM6 phone (XV6700).

  42. Im lost when it comes to this stuff I did the update and now my phone not rooted could someone help me step by step to get my phone rooted again please

  43. DMX, I have followed all your tuts on the GB root, I sbf back to stock, install d2bootloader and z4root, Do a factory wipe from clockork, reboot, go back into clockwork and flash part 1 and 2, and i only get the red moto logo forever. Ive pulled the battery wiped data/cache. I have done this process over and over. Am i missing something or might you have any ideas?

    • Make sure you wipe data in stock recovery (home+power) when android comes up press voumeup+down to bring up stock recovery menu then select wipe data/factory reset…. If you just wipe data in clockwork it won’t work.. Try that several times no more than 3 if that doesn’t work SBF and try again

  44. ive sbf’ed my dx from ota .596 back to .340 froyo did the z4root and installed d2bootstrapper i know what im wanting im just a litttle confused with all the downloadable file links i want deodexed prerooted .596 and im not sure which links i need to download from ex.. just the deodexed or it and patched Also after i used the z4root and attained superuser should i be able to see any apps in it bcuz mine is completely empty. Other than that everything has been very clear to me and i want to ty you for the help so far.

    • just download and install the 2part patch… then install the deodexed over the top of that…. the two part patch is if you are coming from froyo which you are and the deodexed is if you are allready on prerooted gingerbread which you will be

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