Liberty 2.0.1 ROM DOWNLOAD NOW!

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Dl it here: LibertyV2.0.1

Important! Liberty2.0.1 is froyo if you have updated to gb you will have to sbf back to froyo before installing.



The Eagle has landed!

Note: It is Highly Recommended that you Wipe before installing Liberty 2.0.1 even if you have 1.5 installed. If you don’t then don’t report bugs 😛

Liberty is tested and supported on only 320/340 droid X’s.

If you installed Gingerbread then you will have to sbf back to 320/340!!

Liberty brings the freedom to your device that you deserve. Locked bootloader? psshhh.. won’t even notice when you have been liberated 

Team liberty
Developer DX/D2 – JRUMMY16
Theme Manager – KOVELESKI
General Support – MOBILE SENSEI

Justin Rogers (kejar31) – Great contributions
ROM Manager help – Braway
IMosey On – Awesome tweaks and help
Artwork DRAYA1986 – Icons in the default theme!
All testers and themers
And of course, YOU!

Thanks to braway. The Liberty ROM manager was based on his code. Thanks for allowing us to use it and being helpful!
Thanks to xeudoxus for being the pure genius he is and all the help he has offered
Thanks over_leaf for allowing us to use a few of his pictures from wallpaper images!
Thanks to WJD for the awesome boot animation!!!
Thanks for cvpcs for publicly posting his source, which I compiled most of my apps from.
Thanks for teamdouche for publicly posting the CM source, which some apps are compiled from
Angdroid and Untermensch for the reboot option.

ROM Features:
☆ Base: heavily modified version of Gummy Jar
☆ 95% of all the apps were built from source rather than decompiled and hacked apps via APKmanager!! And it shows in pure speed!!!!
☆ Blurless
☆ Wycontacts
☆ Cytown Phone
☆ AOSP Pattern lock
☆ AOSP tab Lockscreen with the option for Rotary as well
☆ Custom terminal emulator with added color options
☆ Reboot option in power down menu
☆ Launcher2 with increased snap velocity
☆ Custom Liberty wallpapers app
☆ Custom Liberty live wallpapers (nexus Mod like, modded from CM source)
☆ Music control’s in lockscreen (will control any music source including Pandora)
☆ MusicMod by Eliot Stocker (built from CM source and compiled by Team Liberty)
☆ Inverted Gtalk and Gvoice
☆ Gingerbread keyboard – built by hotaru modified by Team Liberty for better button size
☆ AppWidgetPicker – credit boombuler
☆ build.prop tweaks
☆ Ads blocked via hosts file
☆ 10% battery increments support
☆ Clockwork recovery (bootstrap) installs on initial install
Working init.d with config file (start-up scripts)
☆ Liberty scripts:
(Run them in terminal emulator. Type script_name -help for more info)
** ads, allinone, apploc, backup, bootani, cache, camsound, compcache, chglog, donate, exe, fixperms, freemem, install_zip, load, pulldown_text, install_zip, load, market_history pulldown_text, rb, restore,rmapk, setcpu, setprops, slim, sound, switch, symlink, sysro, sysrw, usb, zipalign_apks **
All apps optimized and zip aligned

Toolbox Features:

• App Management:
☆ Apps2SD
☆ Remove/Backup system/data apps
☆ Backup/restore feature
• Liberty Mods
☆ Switch between transition animations
☆ Change boot logos
☆ Set Build Properties * File editor included by Fr4gg0r *
☆ Install Fonts
☆ Pulldown-bar text editor
☆ Icon Chooser (change application and battery icons)
• Liberty ROM Manager
(based off braway’s original work)
☆ Download TONS of themes and addons
☆ Install update.zips from sdcard
☆ Install bootstrap
• Liberty Tweaks
☆ Ad Blocker (Block/Unblock)
☆ Cache Manager (clear/move to SD)
☆ Free Memory
☆ Manage Boot Animation
☆ Mount system rw, fix permissions, zipalign apps, etc.
• Reboot Options
☆ Reboot, reboot bootstrap, reboot recovery, powerdown
• Settings
☆ Automatic updates option
☆ Schedular
☆ App Theme (change theme of toolbox)
☆ Notify for ROM updates/patches
☆ Lockscreen Settings
☆ Recovery safe mode
☆ Overclocking
☆ Sysctl Support
☆ Camera Shutter Sound
☆ Tools (Spare Parts, Dev Tools, Testing Menu)
☆ Restore apps feature
☆ Set install location on boot
☆ Zipalign apps on reboot
☆ Clear cache on reboot
☆ Fix permissions on reboot

Change Log:


– Liberty settings force close
( Themes need to be updated for this )
– Updated gmail
– Small bug fix


– Redid some of the base of the ROM
– added some blur framework back which was causing battery and stability issues
– New default Liberty theme by Dave Kover 
– A TON of changes to Liberty Toolbox. So much I can’t remember
– Updated wallpapers
– sysctl enabled by default. HUGE!
– Raised default minfree
– Set dalvik vm heap to 48m
– Add interactive and conservative governor support
– Redid init.d and cleaned up startup and other scripts
– Update busybox to v1.17.2
– Remove kang check script
– Enable cron schedular (Thanks IMosey On)
– Set default colors in Terminal Emulator to Liberty gold/yellow


– Cytown Phone – Added
– Ringtones – Fixed
– Exchange mail – Fixed
– Program Menu – Fixed
– MMS – Fixed (no longer sends messages to the wrong person – this was an – – Android but that Google only recently released a fix for)
– Market updated to the latest release
– Framework further cleaned up (even more blurless now)
– Base apps were rebuild with EN set for Languages (not EN-US only though)

– Overclocking – Added
– Icon Chooser – Added
– Theme screenshots are now available within the toolbox
– Allow user to set the pulldown text to up to 81 characters or have it blank
– Added new Animations
– Added more fonts and font previews

We take no responsibility for what this ROM may do to your phone.

Please See Install Instructions

Droid X
Droid X Mirror by Grogan

Droid 2
Droid 2 Mirror by Grogan


Option 1:

Download Liberty Toolbox Donate and it will install the ROM for you.

Option 2:

make sure you have root and clockworks recovery installed
-boot into recovery via clockworks bootstrap
-select “wipe data/factory reset”
-select “Yes — delete all data”
-go back “powerbutton”
-select “install zip from sdcard”
-select “choose zip from sdcard”
-find and select LibertyX/

Installing themes or Addons
-boot into recovery via clockworks bootstrap
-select “mounts and storage”
-select mount /system
-go back “powerbutton”
-select “install zip from sdcard”
-select “choose zip from sdcard”
-find and select

Battery Icons Credit:
Sephtin – Inspiration for design

Note: This is not to donate for the toolbox, that is on the Android Market

Donate to Team Liberty and buy us a round of beers! 


21 responses to “Liberty 2.0.1 ROM DOWNLOAD NOW!

  1. Kickass. Thx man
    so others know…

    Change Log for v2.0.1:
    – Liberty settings force close
    ( Themes need to be updated for this )
    – Updated gmail
    – Small bug fix

  2. i did all your steps and now when it rebooted its just staying at the silver loading screen with liberity logo… help?

  3. I downloaded and love it!!! keeps booting into clockwork recovery after every reboot… not that big of a prob but very annoying

  4. Really love the liberty 2.0 it is just the best. keep up the good work cant wait for some new updates. I will be donating for the cause. THANX.

  5. i need to take my phone in for a repair and i’m trying to clean it before i do so. i restored my phone to a pre-liberty backup, but i still get the “LIBERTY” screen when i first boot up. why is it still there and how do you get rid of it?

  6. When I click on the liberty droid x download link it says download unsuccessful cannot download. The content is not supported on this phone. what can I do?

  7. Nevermind just had to change to the skyfire browser and it worked fine. Thanks for all your awesome videos

  8. Liberty settings always force closes. I have the donate version of liberty tool box but the Droid x update patch doesn’t show up like it did in yours in your video. do you know of anything else to do?

  9. No I couldn’t update the toolbox but its not a big deal think I’m just gonna go with the liberty .7 like you said. But so I was wondering I have a backup of my stock rom can I just restore that then install gingerbread Then .7? And by the way I’m brand new to all of this been going at it strong for maybe four or five days tops. Thanks for all the help ill be donating to your site for sure.

    • If u are on a custom rom it may not work to flash back to stock nandroid because of custom framework… if ur currently on group flash maderstock… then u can flash the. 588 gb update then flash. 596 deodexed then flash lib.7… u must be on. 596 gb to flash lib. 7 hope that helps ask away if confused 🙂

  10. Nope wasn’t confusing at all. Finally got time to install it all and by then lib. 8 was already out only problem is I can’t toggle my 3g on and off anymore so it drains my battery at work pretty fast but other than that works just fine thanks for the help bud.

  11. Beautiful, simply beautiful. Fast and stable with so many features and potential addons. I can’t believe I waited so long to use this ROM. Honestly I doubt I will use anything else. Props and many thanks to the developers. This is off the chain. Y’all are the goods!

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