OTA 2.3.340 with file!

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Props to Maderschramm of DroidXforums for this!

Cool maderstock – OTA 2.3.340

None are responsible for your phone but you.

After a bit of work I’ve created an for you guys that want a fresh install of 2.3.340 without sbfing.

This is the FULL, OTA 2.3.340 – contains radio, kernel, and all other updates, even those EXCLUDED by the 2.3.340 system only sbf.

What that means is that if you have 2.3.15, 2.3.151, or 2.3.320 you’re one away from the OTA 2.3.340 

This is useful in many ways:

  • You want stock .340 but didn’t create a nandroid backup
  • Can’t OTA (modded phone)
  • Get ready for an OTA
  • Remove Root
  • Add bloat back
  • Re-Odex
  • Your phone is acting weird on the update
  • Something broke
  • Fresh ROM install
  • You don’t want to flash 5 update.zips or sbf to update your phone
  • etc.

This will format your system data (helps prevents bootloops – not 100%) and system (in case a rom put some apps in the /system/app) partitions and also changes the boot image to the stock moto M (to fix the Tranquility boot logo – something even an SBF won’t fix).

As always, make a backup and I’m not responsible for what happens to your phone.

Download the file here and place it on your sdcard:


  1. Using the Droid X Bootstrapper make a backup. (more information here)
  2. Browse (using volume buttons) to “install zip from sdcard” and select it with the camera button.
  3. Select “choose zip from sdcard”.
  4. Select “”
  5. Confirm the install.
  6. Be patient, wait for the install to finish.
  7. Reboot the Droid X. DO NOTHING ELSE IN CLOCKWORKMOD!!!!!!!
  8. Activate the phone with VZW (more instructions below).

If you attempt to create a backup or flash a rom post maderstcok installation you’re going to have a paperweight. This seems to be because maderstcok removes root and the clockworkmod recovery area, so it doesn’t like you playing around in there. Re-root and reinstall the bootstrapper, then create a backup or flash a new rom, DON’T DO IT BEFORE REBOOTING THE DX AFTER ISNTALL.

Formatting Data and Cache is optional; however, if you want a really clean install do so. If you factory reset you’ll be forced to activate the phone automatically while if you don’t you’ll have to follow the quick and dirty activation instructions below – the choice is ultimately yours.

EDIT: coming from ANY non-blur based ROM and doing Maderstcok is guaranteed to bootloop due to mismatch in framework without a data/cache wipe

Quick and dirty instructions for activation:

  1. Dial *228
  2. Press 1
  3. Enter last 4 of primary acct holder’s SSN
  4. Wait – more in depth instructions in a link further down.

This can take some time, especially on the two system installs and the radio install. Don’t battery pull unless you want a brick.

The file won’t flash properly if you have a botched download – this seems to be caused by the size of the file. Please check your file size before flashing:

Size: 284.7 MB (298481300 bytes)
MD5: ce7122280eafad4a39ba7fefeb764bf5

My free filehosters sometimes .zip the .zip – it looks like
Just unzip once and check the md5 to make sure it checks out – if not, redownload. Don’t try to flash the without unzipping it once!

You’ll have to activate your phone again after the install. See this for additional help.

If you encounter any problems during the flashing process (e.g. bootloop) follow standard ROM installation troubleshooting (i.e. battery pull, factory reset, etc.)

A lot of this stuff is from Team Black Hat – I did pull some of my own phone files too – but if you’re looking to donate, please hit them up. Without them we’d be up a creek. Tell ’em I sent ya 

One final note – z4root seems to work flawlessly after flashing this file. Just thought I’d throw that in there…


48 responses to “ OTA 2.3.340 with file!

  1. Hello sir…my names aaron im a android lover I watched your latest video I belive and I had a question I understand everything that was done to flash the “rooted” phone back to stock but how does this process work for a non rooted user

    • Aaron… You have to be rooted to flash maderstock…. If you arent rooted and want to factory reset your phone u could sbf… Or if you have never rooted just boot into stock recovery (turn phone off, turn it back on by holding down home+power, when android and ! Come up hit search button to bring up menu select wipe data/factory reset) hope this helps

  2. I was able to successfully install this on my droidX. I did this so i can get the official gingerbread whenever its released. My question is this restores all bloatware apps correct? I ask because i don’t see the NFS (need for speed) app that originally came on my phone. However everything else seems to be there. Thanks in advance.

  3. i tried flashing from gb, now i know it didnt work got a error message, did a restart now my phone stuck on the motorola M! what do i do>

    • okay now i got the sbf to work but now it stuck at the droid eye it just keeps moving and rsdlite say ti start the phone manually but im nervous to take the battery out. what do i do?

  4. Restart it manually if it bootloops pull batt… Boot into stock recovery (hold power+home) wgen android guy comes up press volumeup+down tobring up menu.. Then select wipedata/factory reset

    • i dont know antmore i held (home+power) and all it did nothing the motorola M will come on then go back off that’s all it did. i run sbfportable but it couldn’t see my i guess it kept saying waiting on phone (my phones was in bootloader) im just lost now!

  5. I installed the madderstock file about a week ago to get ready for the ota and that worked fine. I looked stock anyway. Just got the ota this mornig and it istalled and then tried to load and is stuck in bootloader 30.04 with error codes. Not sure what to do now.

  6. I tried using this to get back to stock for the OTA as I don’t have a PC (only a Mac), but when I go to install in recovery mode it just tells me the Installation is Aborted…help?

  7. Noob question: Does it matter which one of these I download and place on my sd card or are they all just a different way to download the same file?

    Download the file here and place it on your sdcard:

    Mirror 1
    Mirror 2 Download

    The mirror 1 downloaded, but mirror 2 took me to megaupload. I just want to make sure I am doing everything correctly so I don’t brick my phone.


  8. I installed the zip file correctly, activated my phone, re-rooted, and re-installed the bootstrapper, but when I tried to update to Gingerbread, it gets about 30% on the installation process and reboots like normal and tells me the installation was unsuccessful. I had this problem before I installed the zip file, so I’m not too sure where to go from here. Should I have done a factory reset and cache wipe after I installed the zip?

    Thanks again for your help.

  9. just got the same problem as randy. installed maderstock. and then the update from vzw…. and now it starts up with red moto symbol and it gets stuck in boot loader mode with error codes. ive updraded drivers on rsd… im using rsd 4.8 and it still wont recognize the phone. please help!!!!!!! i have to return this phone back to vzw on wednesday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. switched pc, went from 4.8 to 4.9. changed drivers, it still wont recognize the phone. could it be somewhat bricked? and the error codes showing up says “Err: A5, 69, 35, 00, 27” can i email you a number u can call me at when u have time? vzw says they will charge my credit card 455.00 if they get the phone back and see that it was messed with. so im under pressure right now… not cool.

  11. If on windows 7 try pressing ctrl+shift when opening rsdlite to run as admin… then once in rsdlite try clicking the start while pressing ctrl+shift to run as admin.. if that doesn’t work try doing this on XP or vista if u have it available… what ever u do don’t let battery go dead

  12. ahh…. im about to give up. now its not even showing that the phone is connected to rsd lite anymore… it was earlier. when i clicked start. it would say “failed” aftert a few seconds. now its showing nothing. clicked on “model” and nothing shows up.. the “start” is still shaded gray. any more idea before i call it quits?

  13. yea i used that sbf file before… im using the one off your page now. not getting the “failed” anymore. its just not showing that its connected. not recognizing the phone..

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