Nandroid Backup & Recovery using Koush’s Bootsrap

what you will need: 1.)A rooted Droid X
2.)Koush’sDroidXBootStrapfor DroidX

Follow instructions in Video and if you love the ability to mod your phone through Koush’sBootstrap be sure and donate by buying the app in the MarketPlace.

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4 responses to “Nandroid Backup & Recovery using Koush’s Bootsrap

  1. Hey man. Great website I have already learned so much. I have question. After I do the reboot recovery step and my phone reboots the screen stays black. I can not get into the ClockWork menu. Any idea what might be causing this?


  2. Not sure where to ask this questions so I’ll post it here. I read somewhere that the button combinations for booting into stock recovery and bootstrap recovery from a power off state have changed with Gingerbread. Is this true and if so, what are they? Thanks again for all your help!

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