Old School CRT Animation for Gingerbread (TV OFF)

Thanks to JohnClevenger over at XDAForums we now have a simple zip file that we can flash to install the CRT (Old TV OFF) Animation like what is on the NexsusS for when you put your phone to sleep!

Note(You must already be on the PreRootedGingerbread leak) Also  IF YOU HAVE MADE MODIFICATIONS TO YOUR FRAMEWORK-RES.APK, DO NOT USE THIS FILE.

1. Download the file below to your SDCard
2. boot into clockwork (you must use Droid2BootStrapper)
3. make a nandroid Backup
4. install zip from sdcard
5. choose the file “CRT_Animation.zip) that you downloaded from link below

6.Choose YES install CRT_Animation.zip from Sdcard

7.Reboot phone


13 responses to “Old School CRT Animation for Gingerbread (TV OFF)

  1. I’m on gb 595 deodexed. (droid x) Loving NETFLIX
    I’m a big fan .
    Keep up the GREAT work.

  2. Hey bud…i really like the crt app. I have .595 deodex and trie installing…wouldnt work. I noticed you gave marrero a zip for .595. Its not downloadable anymore. Can you post me one too. thanx

  3. mine keeps bootlooping then took battery out put back in and booted it back up it whent right to the clockwork screen …please help……

  4. drew you probably werent deodexed try flashing the deodexer file… if stuck in bootloop try wiping data in stock recovery if that doenst work youll need to sbf and start from scratch

    • im rooted on gingerbread . when i did the file there was a part 1 then part 2..and something said team black hat….is that deodexed

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