Installing Gingerbread 2.3.3 PrROOTEd on DX

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As many of you know by now, Gingerbread for the DROID X and 2 was released over the weekend giving all of us a taste of Android 2.3.3 and the new blue Blur from Motorola, only there was one thing missing.  Root access.  Well, that problem has now been fixed by our friends over at My Droid World, and we’ve got full instructions for you after the break if you jumped on GB early.  Yep, we walk you through every single step including flashing an SBF file which is something you won’t find anywhere else.

In these instructions, you are essentially reverting back down to Blur build 2.3.340 and then re-upgrading to rooted Gingerbread.  The process looks intense, but again, we outlined every step to help you get there.

Instructions for DROIDX:

*WARNING* – You will lose everything on your phone by following the process.  This wipes it all people.

*WARNING 2* – This is NOT for the DROID 2. Those instructions can be found here.

*Note* – If you didn’t jump the gun and flash the non-rooted version and are still running something like say, Liberty ROM, all you have to do is flash the .zip file below just as you would any other ROM.


*Note Again* – If you have not already upgraded to Gingerbread, simply download the .zip file, flash it like you normally would a ROM, and ignore this entire process.

1.  Download the file from above and drop it on your SD card.
2.  Download the 2.3.340 SBF file for the DX. [Here]
3.  Download,  install and open RSD lite 4.8. [Here]
4.  Plug your phone into your Windows PC and turn your phone off.
5.  Boot into the bootloader by holding Volume Up + Camera + Power.
6.  Your computer will likely install new drivers at this point.
7.  Once RSD lite recognizes your phone, hit the “…” box and choose the 2.3.340 SBF file.
8.  Click “Start.”
9.  When it finishes and gets to 100%, power your phone off.
10.  Boot into recovery by holding Home + Power.
11.  When the triangle appears, hit the Search button.
12.  Navigate down to wipe data/factory reset, select it with camera, say “yes.”
13.  When it finishes, reboot your phone.
14.  Download z4root 1.3.0 and root your phone.
15.  Download DX Bootstrap and bootstrap your recovery.
16.  Reboot into recovery.
17.  Choose “install zip from sd card”, “choose”, then the
18.  Your phone will now install Gingerbread with root.
19.  When you reboot, your phone will appear to bootloop.  Let it.
20.  If it does it for say, 5 minutes, just pull your battery and reboot.
21.  To Boostrap after installing Gingerbread, you’ll need to use the D2 Bootstrapper.
22.  Enjoy!

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41 responses to “Installing Gingerbread 2.3.3 PrROOTEd on DX

    • I do plan on doing a bootanimation vid. Most of the bootanimation.zips outthere are flashable some you have to move to data/local manually through rootexplorer, hopefully I can get around to doing this vid soon.

  1. My Droid x is stock and I want to do the rooted GB. watching you video it seem you are talking about going from one flash to this Rooted GB but not from stock, I had a Vibrant and had all this figured out, and now I’m a little lost and want to do this right the first time. Help please…..

      • I got GB installed and seemed really slugish and still is. It also bootloops every once in a while. Tried to use droidbootstrap to wipe data factory reset but it will not reboot to that point so I can wipe data.. What should I do?

  2. well…………………I got my phone back to stock with your video help. Thank you! Might have been just a bad install and I did not clear data at the beginning so that might have screwed things up a little. All is back to normal.

  3. Do I need to clear data/ factory reset when doing this update because this rom gets kinda glichy and really uses some battery? freezes up on home screens and I then have to pull battery.

  4. Nice informative and helpful post. You have good command on the post and have explained in a very great way. Thanks for helping .Nice work,hope your blog be better!I just want to make a blog like this!

  5. yea thats really strange ive never seen that… try a datawipe/factory reset in stock recovery… to get to stock recovery power off then power back on by holding (power+home) once android guy comes up hit volumeup+volumedown to bring up menu then select wipedate/factoryreset… also what version of liberty… some of the older versions had issues with syncing contacts

  6. When I go to install zip from sd card, dxgbrooted doesnt appear as an option, and Im sure that it is on my sd card. any ideas?

  7. I can’t even get through the drivers part. Says drivers failed to install. Any advice? I tried going to motorola website and I downloaded the drivers and it still didn’t work. So Rsd lite is recognizing my phone. Ughh

  8. Ok so i got to the point of rooting my phone, but it just sits on the blue screen running exploit, never finishes the root…. any ideas?

  9. I got mine to work and everything works great but there is a loop looking icon in notification…and its not sync……and idea on what causing it

  10. Got a question.

    I SBF to 2.3.340, updated to this 2.3.3.

    What steps can I take to get to the latest build that is rooted or rootable?

    Any links to tutorials would be great.

    Please and thank you.

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  12. still working on the icon problem….it is not the sync 2.3.3…..i downloaded titaniumbackup still no luck….im thinking its the hdmi icon……dont know but its buging the hell out of me

  13. I`ve been running Liberty for a while now, and was last running GB.07 before I made a dumb mistake and cooked my phone during the LIberty GB.08 update. TO make a long story short I`m back on Liberty 2.0.1 (froyo) because I couldn`t get the 2 part GB to install properly (kept bootlooping on the red M). The full Liberty GB install worked flawlessly but I no longer have that file. Can I just drop the rooted GB file on top of Liberty, or do I have to SBF back to dead stock and re-root, etc..? I`d like to give darkslide X a try…

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