[ROM] ApeX V2.0.0 RC2 for GB 2.3.3 4.5.596

[ROM] ApeX V2.0.0 Release Candidate (RC2) (6/11/2011)

ApeX 2.0 for Droid X Gingerbread (.596 OTA) has finally reached the Release Candidate landmark! While this new build is completely blurless and 100% AOSP unlike previous versions, the same philosophy remains. Build a fast, clean, reliable ROM that is enjoyable to use, and customizeable.


  • You must be on .596 rooted or a .596 based ROM
  • Kernel must be
    qgd748@il93lnxdroid09 #1
  • Baseband must be BP_C_01.09.12P


As always, you must take responsibility for what you do to your own phone.
I have created this ROM and tested it to the best of my ability.
The instructions are written to make sure that users have success installing and using the ROM.
However, if anything goes wrong and your phone is damaged or rendered useless, I do not take any responsibility.

Additional Credits
I would like to especially thank kejar31 for teaching me his secret sauce technique for compiling AOSP apps for the Blur Framework. I’d like to thank jrummy16 and drod2169 for helping me on Gtalk and troubleshooting some issues, and _Mycahya_ and Mobile_Sensei for helping me fix some of the theming! Also, I’d like to thank Dr. Carpenter for making the new boot logo.

Of course, credits to P3Droid, Team Black Hat, MyDroidWorld for the Gingerbread leaks, the CyanogenMod team for many of the apps, Google for many more apps, Motorola, and all the nice brave people on Twitter for testing this for me, helping me squash bugs, and submitting beautiful wallpapers!

If I left anyone out, please let me know so I can properly credit you!

Changelog in RC2

  • Completely Blurless! Pure Google Experience.
  • Cleaned up framework with help from Mobile_Sensei
  • CM7 style battery icons – percentages, 10% increments
  • Original AOSP 2.3.3 animations and transitions (slightly faster)
  • Additional ringtones and notifications from CM7
  • Fixed white background when setting a Pattern or PIN/Password lockscreen
  • Battery usage can now be accessed from Settings->About Phone
  • Google Car Home is now included
  • Updated Superuser and su binary to latest versions (thanks ChainsDD!)
  • Tweaked Apex blurbs 😉
  • New Boot Logo (Google)


  • Android 2.3.3 based on the Gingerbread OTA (4.5.596)
  • All apps replaced with AOSP/CM7 counterparts (compiled from source for DX, by me)
  • Stock Gingerbread Theme
  • Bloat and Market apps removed
  • Facebook for Android App syncs w/ Contacts!
  • DSP Manager (visual equalizer) for headphones, phone speaker, and BT
  • MusicMod with gesture controls
  • Dev Tools, Spare Parts, Terminal Emulator for fun tweakin’
  • ApeX wallpaper gallery with user submitted wallpapers!
  • Quadrant “Turbo” Mode for mad scores
  • Witty Protips (ApeX Blurbs)






  1. poweroverwhelming : activate Quadrant “turbo” mode
  2. sys : mount system r/w and r/o

Things to know

  • Market apps are removed (Gmail, Maps, Voice Search, etc). Remember to re-enable Gmail sync in your account settings after downloading it.
  • There is no “double lock” mechanism. If you set a pattern or PIN unlock, it’s a good idea to lower timeout to 0
  • Sync Facebook contacts using the official app
  • If you need to activate your phone, hold down the menu button at the activation screen to bring up the keyboard.


  • Changing volume during a BT phone call causes a closeout and BT to stop working until a reboot. Please don’t change the volume during a BT phone call for now. I am looking into the solution.

Installation Instructions

  1. Meet all the requirements listed at the top of the post
  2. Wipe data/cache, dalvik cache (only wipe cache and dalvik if coming from RC1)
  3. Flash Apex


Also available in ROM manager

Apex V2.0.0 RC 2

6fc322740ef9f0ae19ed37716da4ce46 *Fabolous_ApeX_2-0_RC2.zip

If you enjoy my work, consider buying me a beer 🙂

Donations FabDroid

Restoring Removed Apps

I have made some flashable .zip files for common Blur apps that people want to restore. Check the following link first to see if I made one for the app you want. If not, then follow the steps below to manually restore Blur. Flashable .zip files here.

1. Game plan — figure out which .apks you need to restore to get the functionality you want. I won’t be providing much support in this regard.
2. Download the removed apps archive here. This is NOT a flashable .zip file.
3. Extract the removed apps archive and cherry pick the .apks you wish to restore. Copy them onto your sdcard.
4. Run the following commands in Terminal Emulator to restore apps:

sys -rw
cp /sdcard/APKNAME.apk /system/app
chmod 755 /system/app/APKNAME.apk

5. Repeat the bottom two lines for all remaining .apks to restore

For those who are not on .596, this thread has all the files necessary to get to .596


If you’re on Gingerbread w/ .12P baseband, flash the 596-deodexed .zip and you’re set.

For anyone else, SBF back to Froyo .340 and to the 2-part 596 upgrade and you’re set.

48 responses to “[ROM] ApeX V2.0.0 RC2 for GB 2.3.3 4.5.596

  1. Im running 2.3.3 4.5.596 rooted version. Am I not suppose to be on that. I keep boot looping when I install it. It says to be on the .596 it’s or .596 based rom. That’s what iminterested on. What an I doing wrong? Am I suppose to get the it’s and root it but then again we can’t root it’s yet right. Well let me know.

  2. Sorry…my phone likes to spell for me.lol. I wil keep trying. I will wipe data and install apex via d2bootstrap.

  3. Got…thanks. I guess I really have to wipe data.lol….One more question. Where do I go to activate quadrant turbo mode? Do I go to terminal emulator? If so what do I type? Well let me know. So far apex kicks ass. I love.

  4. Hey i added the CRT animation and blue battery to rooted .596 deodexed…will that be bad if i just flash apex (after i wipe system) or will it not matter?

  5. Hey I flashed it and it worked fine…I was wondering why my home screen looks different than yours? Any idea why? Right now on the bottom it has the app button and then the phone button to the left of that and browser to the right.

  6. Im having trouble figuring out how to install the fm blur app. I dont understand step 5 and what to do from there on. Any help Droidmodderx?

  7. So I have successfully upgraded to GB .596 w Apex2.0 RC2 but when I wiped cache etc I lost all my contacts. Now I can’t seem to find Backup Assistant Client to restore them all. How do I get it reinstalled? I found the apk for it on another forum, but it doesn’t install. Help!

      • I did, & I follow the instructions to type the command in Terminal Emulator, but when I type in the third line of code, I get the error message “No such file or directory”. My SD card is named PROBMAC, does that change anything I’m supposed to type in? Everything else works great, just need my contacts synced with VZ!

      • ok… I’m noob! I still had my phone plugged into my mac, & even though I ejected it, the sd card was still mounted to the mac. So when I typed in the command in terminal emulator, I was getting an error! Now if backup assistant will sync & not timeout I’m in good shape! Been getting texts from friends & have no clue who they are! lol Tks for all the help. Cheers:)

  8. i mean when you hit the button to pull up settings it can fold in and when you switch pages or apps it will flip or fly in. spare parts just speeds up transitions. i saw a video on youtube about an app call ani mod. i was wondering if i can use it on apex rc2 v2.0 for dx?

  9. im trying to find reviews on it. says it has a fail safe on the framework.res but since in deodexed it should be fine right?

    • adw ex luncher has many transitions very cool ones i like them but i just use spb 3d luncher. now can you answer my question please

      how do i get my lockscreen password back were i slide it and than put password cause now when ever i put pass word i dont get the side when i lock it just goes straight to password

      and how do i get my droid to say connected to multimedia dock again do i use the dock.apk ?

  10. Is the blur weather widget still in the toolbox – i did not see it in the list of installable apps in the link of blur apps.

  11. just installed apex on top of .596 two part update and im bootlooping. what did i do wrong and how do i fix this?

    • Vincent…pull batt…boot into stock recovery(power home) press(volumeup down) to bring up stockrecovery menu, select wipedata/factoryreset…that should fix it

  12. The ROM is incredible. The only problem is I can’t get the apps to install. I’ve tried installing the social networking app which notifies me of tweets, etc. to install using the terminal emulator. I used the terminal emulator that’s on the phone and did the su, sys -rw, chmodd 755, and copy successfully. I don’t see the app on the phone. Any suggestions?

  13. i just flashed this rom from tbh pre-root .596 andit shows the word google but thats it..it just stays right there forever. what do i do?

    • i just flashed this rom from tbh pre-root .596 andit shows the word google but thats it..it just stays right there forever. what do i do?
      btw i cant get to stock recovery…it shows the ! but its stuck there (not this roms fault its always like that)

  14. i sbf-ed and ran through the 2 part 596, installed apex (it only takes me like 10 seconds to install, incluidng the part that it says will take a hile takes like 2 seconds) and im stuck there again…and yes i did install everything according to general rom installation protocol (3 data wipes, 3 cache wipes, wipe dalvik, wipe battery stats)

  15. once you sbf-ed you should have factory reset the phone again before preceding. sbf doesn’t completely wipe everything off the phone. I would try to sbf and start fresh

  16. First i’d like to thank you for this wealth of information, and links you have on your website! I saw someone using a boot up animation with a rubik’s cube, that was awesome, but I don’t know if they’re actually running Rubix, or it’s just an animation. If anyone know’s that would be great.

    ThanX again for all your hard work, and keep up the great work!

  17. Hi, i did exactly a u said. Everything went just right but the only thing that failed was the motofmradio.
    i tried twice and no success. I consider the idea of getting back to liberty gb it’s more customizable. I just cant find a toolbox for apex like on liberty gb.
    got any idea of how to make fm radio work on apex 2.0???

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