Rom Extras and Tweaks!

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Original thread located right HERE Thanks to Macpro88 and Wugfresh.

Do you find it a pain to find all of these little tweaks and mods and flash-able goodies that we all want on our phone that our ROM may not provide, like wanting the Blur Camera on an AOSP ROM, or the good old legacy Android boot animation, or that data throttle hack that was posted somewhere in some other thread on some unknown page, well where the heck do I find these things?!?!?

You can now find them right here!!!!

That’s what I want to dedicate this thread too, these little tweaks and mods and what not all here in one easy to find thread.

So here we go!


Blur Camera can be found here (direct download)(alt download) -Flash the .zip in bootstrap recovery.

ROM Specific:

rubiX Focused:

rubiX Focused no throttle MOD found here (direct download)(alt download)(thread)
-This was for 1.9.7 but will work on the latest rubiX Focused until the base changes.
rubiX Focused MiUi Theme (direct download)(alt download)
-Currently, there is no thread for this theme, it works great for me and others, so credit goes the wonderful dev who created it.
rubiX Focused Ultimate Droid theme (alt downloadUltimate Droid Themed GB Keyboard (alt download)
-Keyboard SHOULD work for any ROM
rubiX Focused Vanilla Froyo theme (thread)

Liberty 1.5:

Liberty 1.5 no throttle MOD found here (direct download)
Liberty 1.5 no clock MOD found here (direct download)
Liberty 1.5 no throttle no clock MOD found here (direct download)
-All credit goes to “Bouchigo”, (original thread found here).

Apex 1.4.x

Honeycomb for ApeX 1.4.X theme (thread)


Easily change the “Verizon Wireless” banner here (thread)
-Credit goes to “shawn.”

Legacy Android boot animation, silver “ANDROID” text (direct download)(support thread)
-This is flashable, prior to flashing, remove’s in the following directories: /system/media/ and /data/local/ (only one should exist, but there are the two common locations for boot animations). Flash in bootstrap.

A list of custom boot animations and boot logos (thread)
-Stock boot logo found here, flash in bootstrap recovery: (alt download)

Themed Markets can be found here (thread)(alt download)

imoseyon minfree and sysctl MODs found here (blog)(support thread)

Wireless Tether for Root users found here (Market)


Some WugFresh goodies

  • To install these, flash in bootstrap recovery (see below for instructions). Yup, that simple!

-Live wallpapers: (6.41 MB)
-Live microbes wallpaper: (203.8 KB)
-Both of these wallpapers need to used in conjunction to use the microbes version, flash live wallpapers first, than microbes.

-WY Contacts MOD for AOSP ROM’s: (757.67 KB)

-SWYPE Keyboard Red: (3.58 MB)
-SWYPE Keyboard White: (3 MB)
-SWYPE Keyboard Blue: (3.53 MB)
-SWYPE Default Keyboard: (1.54 MB)
-SWYPE Keyboard Green: (3.63 MB)
-SWYPE Keyboard Blackout: (1.4 MB)

-Gallery Stock Blur Gallery: (1012.18 KB)
-Gallery AOSP Gallery 3D: (643.08 KB)
-Gallery AOSP Gallery 2D: (452.57 KB)

-Camera Stock Blur: (1.29 MB)
-Camera AOSP: (550.21 KB)

-Dock Motorola Dock: (428.4 KB)
-Dock AOSP Dock: (337.08 KB)

-Remove data throttle for Darkslide: (877.3 KB)
-Remove data throttle for rubiX: (859.05 KB)
-Remove data throttle for Gummy: (859.06 KB)
-Remove data throttle for Liberty: (725.82 KB)
-Remove data throttle for ApeX: (871.04 KB)
-Remove data throttle for Stock Deodexed only: (877.3 KB)

-Stock boot animation and “M” logo: (6.23 MB)-This will remove any custom boot logo’s and/or boot animation’s and then install the original Moto logo and the stock DX boot animation; I integrated TBH’s logo replacer script to build this, so credit goes to them as well.

-Stock Blur battery manager: (1.38 MB)
-The will install the blur battery manager settings on AOSP ROMs. This not really recommended though to use on AOSP ROM’s, use at your own caution, and make a backup!

-Vanilla Legacy Android boot animation: (315.96 KB)
-Wug repackaged the the legacy android so that it first automatically deletes any’s in /data/local and /system/media if they are present.

-Bash! (1.05 MB)
-This is bash (bourne again shell) – pulled it directly from FRM – all credit goes to braway.

To install anything that is flash-able in bootstrap recovery, simply open Droid X Bootstrap, touch “Bootstrap Recovery” then touch “Reboot.” Once you are in bootstrap (the glowing green lettering), using the volume keys to scroll and camera button to select, select “install zip from sdcard,” “choose zip from sdcard,” then select the file you wish to flash. Once finished, select the reboot option.

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