3 responses to “[ROM] Lex Lite Gingeraid 3.6

  1. Can you post a walkthrough for the install of Lex Lite Gingeraid 3.6…? Currently I have ZapX on my X. What would be the positives or negatives to make the switch?

    • Gstunna to install, reboot into clockwork via d2bootstrap, wipe data/factory reset, then select install zip from sd, then select choose zip from sd, find your file select it, select yes, when its finished go back and select reboot now…

      Lex lite ginger is asop based, its a blurless rom, so its more like stock gingerbread, one plus is this rom has crt preinstalled one neg is that gbroms are super new this guy is the first to do it for now u wont see much difference between zapx and lex lite.. but u may wana give it a go anyhow

      • thanks…maybe if you try it and write a review I will look into making the switch…as of now my X is running awesome!!!….btw enjoy all your vids and keep up the good work…are you the main guy that posts everything new for the X..im a newbie lol

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