[ROM] Lex Lite Gingeraid 3.6




Quick Facts  Blurless w/ GAPPS  VZW/MOTO Gingerbread  2.3.3 Gingerbread Updated Theme and Icons, Old Screen Shot to the Left Currently - Future updates will change Tall GB Keyboard  AOSP MMS  AppWidgetPick Optimized and Zipaligned Custom Walls Some Gapps Sysconf  Updated Overclocking Script ADW Themed GB Launcher CRT Animation Preinstalled


What’s LexLite 3 Gingeraid Got?  Note: This is just the beginning of LexLite Gingeraid. LexLite Gingeraid is the Droid X Gingerbread Moto version mixed with both AOSP GAPPS and looks. There is no blur widgets what so ever and most bloat has been been removed, tons of custom ginger walls and instead of the gb launcher a custom ADW launcher is used so you can create your own settings! This is just the start, the future versions of this rom will be better then ever. Right now I have the basics, but this rom is built for customizing and will be great throughout updates.  - Some GAPPS - Fully Optimized and Zipaligned - New and Fully Updated Ad Blocker (Credit delta_foxtrot2, Jrummy and Me) - New Overclocking Script (Credit Jrummy, Instructions On How To Run Below) - Updated Symlinked Roottools Scripts and Allinone Toolbox (run from terminal, instructions and descriptions below) Moto Gingerbread Stock Theme Meets AOSP, (I’m Currently Working on The Theme To The Rom As Future Versions Progress) New AOSP Icons AOSP Gapps - Build Prop Mods - Taller GB Keyboard - AOSP MMS - AppWidgetPicker - Apps Pre Optimized and Zip Aligned - Added Gingerbread NEXUS S Live Wallpaper - Made finger flicking easier - Apps up to date! - Installed System Apps to Data, many are un-installable. - New Battery Tweaks - Sysconf (credit jrummy) - Removed system animations Roottools and Allinone (credit Jrummy)  This just is the beginning of the Next Gen of LexLite and Gingerbread.  Credit to TBH, thank for all their leaks and google for source files, and Koush for source apps. I want to thank Jrummy for all his hard work and opensource as well.   DOWNLOAD LexLite Gingeraid 3.6  Gingerbread/Ginger Rom App Install Issue:  On some devices people are not able to install apps from the market or SD Card. On my Roms the solution to this is simple. There are 2 solutions: You can power off your phone, hold   down the volume down and home button while powering up to get into android recovery. When your in Android Recovery do a data/cache wipe and everything should be fine. Another way to do it is in Settings, Privacy, Factory Reset and it should reset and be fine.  How To Run Overclocking Script:  Make Sure You Have Uninstalled Any Overclocking Apps. If You Have Jrummy’s Overclocking App That Is Okay. Make Sure You Have Installed Terminal App From the Market if you have not already. Open Terminal App Type su Then Type overclock.sh It will ask you if you want to proceed type y Then select option 5 set frequencies at boot Very Important: Select option 4 set high voltage scaling at boot (if you select another option it may not boot) Select the frequency you wish to use Then at the main menu type 11 then type reboot to reboot your phone with the new frequencies at boot. And your phone will start up with the new frequencies! Easy Breezy!

Install Me IMPORTANT You must have gingerbread installed before installing LLG 3.6.  RECOMMEND FOR GINGER TO COME FROM CLEAN 2.3.340 SYSTEM! You must have gingerbread installed before installing LexLite Gingeraid. If you have gingerbread and are rooted you can use D2 Bootstrap and boot into clockwork and install on top of it.  -Reboot into clockwork recovery -Install Zip From SDCard -Select the LexLite File -Select Yes -It will install -Return to main menu -Reboot your system -The first boot will take, that’s normal. Note: If you get a bootloop just remove the battery and it should be fine.  Scripts  How2 & Meanings Open terminal and type su and then any of the following. If you find you are having trouble simply type roottools symlink and when the symlink is done run any of the scripts.  SYMLINK GUIDE FOR DUMMIES  ads - toggles ads on and off apploc - location where apps should be installed backup - backup all apps bootani - change boot animation cache - clear caches camsound - toggle camera sound fixperms - fix permissions freemem - chose the given free amount of ram in the system install_zip -  install zips pulldown_text - change the eri text that usually reads verizon wireless rmapk - removes unwanted apps setcpu - setcpu setprops - edit build prop slim - slim down the system sound - lockscreen sound settings sysro - mount system read only sysrw - system read/write usb - mass storage zipalign_apks allinone - tooxlbox does everything overclock.sh - overclock (see guide) Old Versions Older LL Ginger’s  LexLite Gingeraid 3.5  Private Beta Join The Beta... To join the private beta team you must send me email to drewg29@gmail with your experience beta testing. If there is space available and you meet qualifications you will be sent a link to the private beta section.


3 responses to “[ROM] Lex Lite Gingeraid 3.6

  1. Can you post a walkthrough for the install of Lex Lite Gingeraid 3.6…? Currently I have ZapX on my X. What would be the positives or negatives to make the switch?

    • Gstunna to install, reboot into clockwork via d2bootstrap, wipe data/factory reset, then select install zip from sd, then select choose zip from sd, find your file select it, select yes, when its finished go back and select reboot now…

      Lex lite ginger is asop based, its a blurless rom, so its more like stock gingerbread, one plus is this rom has crt preinstalled one neg is that gbroms are super new this guy is the first to do it for now u wont see much difference between zapx and lex lite.. but u may wana give it a go anyhow

      • thanks…maybe if you try it and write a review I will look into making the switch…as of now my X is running awesome!!!….btw enjoy all your vids and keep up the good work…are you the main guy that posts everything new for the X..im a newbie lol

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