[ROM] Liberty Gingerbread V.0.8 for 4.5.596

Cool [ROM] Liberty Gingerbread

Liberty Gingerbread V.0.8



Your warranty is now void.

We are not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this ROM before flashing it! YOU are choosing to make these modifications, and if you point the finger at us for messing up your device, I will laugh at you.


Liberty Gingerbread is still a work-in-progress ROM! Some things may not work and we are aware of most of the current bugs. We are working very hard to bring you the best ROM available. Please enjoy this release and if you would like to express appreciation consider checking out Liberty Toolbox Donate or other apps/themes created by the Liberty Team.

Team Liberty:
Lead Developer – JRUMMY16
Design Director – KOVELESKI
General Support – MOBILE_SENSEI

Special Thanks:
Braway – ROM Manager help
imoseyon – Tweaks & Help
CHKMATE & DRAYA1986 – Icons & theme help
P3Droid – Answering some questions and leaking builds
xeudoxus – Being a genius
Other developers: drod2169, kejar31, cvpcs, cyanogen, angdroid and everyone else we missed.

Liberty Features:
☆ Removed excess blur by extensively reading logcat for the best base possible
– Some still remains simply because it’s better than AOSP IMO :p
– You can switch between AOSP and Blur in Liberty Customizer easily!
☆ Optimized, zipaligned & deodexed system
☆ Compiled several apps from AOSP and CyanogenMod source
☆ Custom Liberty wallpapers
☆ Custom Liberty live wallpapers with added nexus options
☆ Custom Liberty ADW Launcher is now default launcher
☆ Added Liberty Customizer to let Liberty users have more umm.. liberty 😉
– Customizer appears on first boot and can be accessed in Liberty Settings.
☆ Added double tap options to reboot, reboot recovery, power off, start liberty settings, etc.
– Access this in Settings -> Applications
☆ CyanogenMod MMS with added options
☆ Swype, Gingerbread & multi touch keyboard all installed
☆ Custom boot animation installed to data
☆ Liberty boot logo installed on initial install (change in toolbox)
☆ Clockwork recovery installed on first boot
☆ BusyBox v1.17.2 installed & symlinked
☆ Freed over 10mb by properly symlinking toolbox & motobox
☆ Install hacked adbd for full adb access
☆ Automatic updates supported (turn off in Liberty Toolbox)
☆ Compiled nano for Liberty
☆ Added a few more tweaks first put in by imoseyon in Liberty 2.0.1
☆ Enabled cron schedular tweaks with easy configuration
☆ Enabled init.d with a custom init.d config file (Easy customization in Toolbox)
☆ Init.d featues include:
– Toggle on/off sysctl (on by default)
– Set build properties on first boot
– Free memory tweaks
– Clear cache option on every boot (disabled by default)
– Fix permissions on data directories on each boot (disabled by default)
– Zipalign apks on each boot
– Turn on recovery safe mode (disabled by default)
– Install any apps on sdcard on bootup
☆ Ads blocked by default using host file
☆ 10% battery increments
☆ CRT-off Gingerbread power down animation
☆ Custom Liberty terminal emulator with added color options
☆ Liberty scripts (run scripts in terminal emulator):
– overclock (easily set scaling frequencies
– allinone (terminal toolbox for TONS of customization)
– sysrw (mount system read/write)
– sysro (mount system read-only)
– zipalign_apks (zipalign all apks or specified one)
– setprops (set build properties)
– msg (type in adb shell and enter text into your phone)
– more, more, more scripts (type roottools in terminal for a list)
☆ bash shell 4.1, zip, zipalign & dropbear included
☆ build.prop tweaks
– Shortened call ring delay, longer wifi scan interval (battery saver), dalvik vm heap, etc.
☆ Rom info in about phone
☆ Eri with Liberty version in pulldown/lockscreen (change in toolbox to whatever you want)
☆ Liberty boot logo made by Dave Kover
☆ Fixed up boot animation by CarlZ

Liberty Toolbox Features:


You must install Liberty Toolbox from the Android Market. This is not included within the ROM.

If you like Liberty please consider getting Liberty Toolbox Donate to show support and get added features and early releases.

• App Management:
☆ Apps2SD
☆ Remove/Backup system/data apps
☆ Backup/restore feature
• Liberty Mods
☆ Switch between transition animations
☆ Change boot logos
☆ Set Build Properties * File editor included by Fr4gg0r *
☆ Install Fonts
☆ Pulldown-bar text editor
☆ Icon Chooser (change application and battery icons)
• Liberty ROM Manager
(based off braway’s original work)
☆ Download TONS of themes and addons
☆ Install update.zips from sdcard
☆ Install bootstrap
• Liberty Tweaks
☆ Ad Blocker (Block/Unblock)
☆ Cache Manager (clear/move to SD)
☆ Free Memory
☆ Manage Boot Animation
☆ Mount system rw, fix permissions, zipalign apps, etc.
• Reboot Options
☆ Reboot, reboot bootstrap, reboot recovery, powerdown
• Settings
☆ Automatic updates option
☆ Schedular
☆ App Theme (change theme of toolbox)
☆ Notify for ROM updates/patches
☆ Lockscreen Settings
☆ Recovery safe mode
☆ Overclocking
☆ Sysctl Support
☆ Camera Shutter Sound
☆ Tools (Spare Parts, Dev Tools, Testing Menu)
☆ Restore apps feature
☆ Set install location on boot
☆ Zipalign apps on reboot
☆ Clear cache on reboot
☆ Fix permissions on reboot



It is very important to read the install instructions!!!


DX Liberty GB v0.8
– mirror

MD5 sum: 67fc5b58c0839fe597d47ce732aeb419


Install Instructions:


Liberty v0.8 is based on the 4.5.596 OTA. You should be on a rooted version of this before installing the ROM.


If this is your first time flashing Liberty, a data wipe is recommended.

Options 1:

1) Download Liberty Toolbox Donate
2) Go to Rom Manager > Nightlies
3) Click the rom and it will install it for you

Options 2:

1) Root your phone
2) Install bootstrap recovery
2) Make sure you are on Gingerbread 4.5.596
3) Reboot into clockwork recovery
4) Select “wipe data/factory reset” (this will wipe your device)
5) select “Yes — delete all data”
6) Go back “powerbutton”
7) Select “install zip from sdcard”
8) Select “choose zip from sdcard”
9) Find and select the ROM you downloaded
10) Reboot

Support Liberty:

14 responses to “[ROM] Liberty Gingerbread V.0.8 for 4.5.596

  1. I have seen a review on APEX 2.0.0 rc2. I know you have probably been asked this question to many times, but here it goes anyway. Which ROM do you prefer APEX 2.0.0 or Liberty .08

  2. When I tried to download the version 8 of Nightlies…. it told me “error – unexpected end of stream”. What does that mean? I just installed the TBH GB

  3. Love it…version .09, but I wsh I could change the color of the wifi and cell signal bars…or can I?

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