[ROM]{BETA} CyanogenMod 7 for The Droid X Download Now!

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CRT MOd On/Off for Cm7 flashable.zip

[ROM][BETA] CyanogenMod 7 for the Droid X

I announce the first BETA of CyanogenMod for Droid X here on RootzWiki, this is complete and utter magic. I will be supporting this build here due to the process involved and I cannot be in 11 places at once.

The first thing you will need to do is go to this thread and downgrade to FroYo for Droid X due to only having v2.6.32 kernel support. Downgrade THREAD

After you have installed and flashed the 2.3.34 SBF you will need to do the following:

Install and root using Z4Root here: 

Then Install the bootstrapper:

Here is the CM7 Download Mirrors:
MD5SUM: ce48ad0a531c30a793c79481b5fefba5

As for google apps, the 2.3.4 gapps have been reported to not be working on this build. I personally have had success using the gapps-gb-20110307-signed.zip package. Google Apps: http://kan.gd/qd3

Please remember that this is a BETA, so it will be buggy!

GPSFIXcm7.zip just flash this in Cm7Recovery by pressing power and selecting Reboot, then Recovery just install .zip from sd

Camerafixcm7.zip this also fixes youtube, netflix, and you can run a quadrant score (just flash this in clockworkrecovery)

Some things that are known to NOT work:
camera/camcorder, there have been reports that youtube is hit-or-miss, torch force-closes (flashlight). Download the Camera illusions app from the market for a working camera..

Things that have been reported TO work:
audio playback, radio, 3g/data, calling, video playback, gps, accelerometer, notification lights, battery charging, usb connectivity, bluetooth, bluetooth audio, bluetooth calling, wifi, opengl, theme engine, market installs, dsp manager, maybe more?

Honestly I feel like this is in amazing shape!

Some other notes:

  1. This is CYANOGENMOD 7. Thus, it is GINGERBREAD. It boots off of the .32 kernel which shipped with froyo, but that’s trivial (this is the reason for flashing back to 2.3.34).
  2. So long as your other ROMs ran off of 2.3.34, you should be able to flash between them and CM7, as CM7 uses the same recovery from DX/D2Bootstrap.
  3. Most importantly. DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES INSTALL/RUN DROIDXBOOTSTRAP OR DROID2BOOTSTRAP WHILE RUNNING CM7. IF YOU IGNORE THIS YOU WILL HAVE TO SBF YOUR DEVICE. CM7 has been engineered to reboot into recovery by either a.) using adb to get into a shell and typing “reboot recovery”, or b.) simply holding the power button until the global action menu comes up, and then selecting “Reboot”, “Recovery”. There is no need for DX/D2Bootstrap and running them will mess up the 2nd-init process.

EDIT: (2011-06-15)
Team Black Hat’s All-In-One installer
Alright, P3Droid of Team Black Hat has been nice enough to put together an all-in-one installer for CM7 BETA for the DX! This installer is in update.zip format, and can be installed regardless of what version of moto’s kernel you are running (be it .340 or .596 or whathaveyou).

The steps are as follows (once the zip is on your SDCard and you are in recovery):(Clockworkrecovery via bootstrap not stock recovery)

  1. go to mounts and storage
  2. format system
  3. format data
  4. format cache
  5. mount system
  6. go back
  7. go to install update from zip
  8. select the update-cm-*-MONSTER.zip
  9. install
  10. install gapps (optionally)Google Apps: http://kan.gd/qd3


To install the Radio **** Must be done for GPS to work***
After intial install of CM7

1) hold down power button and select reboot and then recovery
2) in recovery select “install zip from sdard”
3) select “chose zip from sdcard”
4) find the Monster.zip and install (same file as above)
5) Reboot phone

MD5SUM: 7fd70a065632ddc4c341a32b19768971

NOTE: I will not personally be maintaining this version of installation as it is not how CM builds are built by the build system.  If you wish for official support I ask that you attempt installing using the original method to ensure that the problem persists.

GPSFIXcm7.zip just flash this in Cm7Recovery by pressing power and selecting Reboot, then Recovery just install .zip from sd

Camerafixcm7.zip this also fixes youtube, netflix, and you can run a quadrant score (just flash this in clockworkrecovery)

I would also like to thank those who helped me get here:
The RootzWiki crew: birdman and b16
The CyanogenMod crew: so many to name that i’ll just leave it at that
The Motorola Milestone crew: Skrilax_CZ for the awesome 2nd-init
My testers/supporters: robstemen, p3droid/TBH, aliasxerog, and synik4l
And all of you who have supported me for so long while waiting for this!

Lastly, I have gotten many requests from people for information on how to show me gratitude for the work I have done, so if you would like to buy me some quality beer or some delicious green tea for this, there is a donations link in my signature below!

Thanks for all the support and here’s to OUR DEVICES, OUR WAY!

Last edited by cvpcs; Yesterday at 09:47 PM.

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64 responses to “[ROM]{BETA} CyanogenMod 7 for The Droid X Download Now!

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  2. Hey i was wondering if you recommend getting the beta or if I should stick to apex RC2 at the moment. Also I have been noticing on Apex that my battery is draining faster than normal (for instance I unplug it and don’t even turn on the screen for 2 hours and its already at 90 or 80%) is this normal because on my deodexed stock .596 rooted, my battery life was much better (after 7 hours of minimal use i still have 90%). The only change between RC2 and .596 was I am now using launcherPro on Apex RC2, could that be the problem?

  3. Must… Cm7 is a true beta and as such is not fully functional, if you like to test stuff out and don’t require everything to work (ie, camera, gps, youtube ect) while using do then this is for you… Radio for calls and also 3g are fully functioning in this release… As for apex2. 0.0 it is technically still in beta eventhough it is fully functional… The kinks aren’t entirely ironed out yet.. So the next build I imagine should have better battery life… For me though I’ve been able to make it through the day on one charge with apexrc2 as long as I don’t stream music… I would suggest trying cm7 if u don’t like it just sbf and start over…

  4. Hey just wanted to let you know that after your video I am undoubtedly going to try cm7, it looks awesome. One question I do have is if you use the monster method will you still be able to update through nighties? It says something in the description that made it seem like you wouldn’t be supported by cm7 because they do it differently?

    • Musty, yes….apparentlynightlies will come through rom manager… open rom manager and select (flash clockwork recovery) when the menu pops up select droidx2nd init …. then go to download roms, when cvps updates it with nightlies they’ll show up there

  5. Hey are all the monster.zips and monster mirrors and cm monster.zip the same thing? Also im on a vacation and have no access to a computer…do you think I should wait until I get back before attempting this?

  6. Do the nightlies also contain the previous fixes in the newer builds? Like does 5 have the fixes from 1 through 4? Also how do you recommend I flash the nightlies…should I do recovery and then clear data and cache and then install zip or what?

  7. musty the new nightlies will include all the fixes from whatever the old nightlies had… You just DL the nightlies then boot into recovery via power, reboot, recovery (do not use bootstrap) then just flash the nightly directly over current cm7 build no need to wipedata since it is an update

  8. hello, a non techie here. I tried to get cyanogonmod 7 using the monster method(from mirror 2) and i installed the google apps.Now after system reboot i got the cyanogonmod home screen but it has been clocking for over a hour.
    is this called the bootstrap looping? but i did wipe the data. Any thoughts? or help is appreciated.

    • It sounds like u are in a bootloop… pull battery, boot into stockrecovery, by holding (power+home) when androidguy comes up hit search then select “wipedata/factory reset”

  9. If I’m doing the TBH install, when do I wipe data/cache? On your video it seems to come right after you do the first install of the monster file. Is that right or should I wipe before installing the monster .zip? Thanks!

  10. so im running apex rc2. Can i just flash into recovery through rom manager or do i have to bootstrap to install cm7? and you say dont have bootstrap installed in cm7 so wont it be gone when i install cm7?

    • Vincent…I’d use bootstrap and do the all one one method coming from apex rc2 that’s what I did…if u restore ur apps in cm7 d2bootstrap may install…that’s ok just don’t use it it doesn’t mesh with the 2ndinit process in cm7…to flash into clockwork in cm7 u hold power…select reboot…then reboot recovery

  11. it said install aborted. didnt say radio error. now im stuck at the google bootlogo. do i need to sbf or is there a way to continue?

  12. i followed the directions. how come there are two different file names? cm7 all in one and the one i downloaded here and ends in kangsigned?

  13. my norton wont let me download the sbf file. so bacially i just have to download it and let it do its thing?

  14. so i sbf and rooted. im going to flash the two part update to gb. now if i flash cm7 i should ignore the install error and reboot after mounting and wiping everything? cause it didnt say radio install error it said install aborted

    • Vincent try redownloading the monster file from the mirror link its been updated…but yes if it says that it aborted after hanging on radio ignore it reboot then install again…per instructjon

  15. Hey do you know if they have a fix for the usb mass storage problem… my phone reboots everytime… I love this rom but i can’t get this to work, i saw online that a lot of people are having this issue.

  16. is it me or my audible selection is really low? i put the media volume on high n i can barely hear the sound when i click on app or something. is this one of bugs?

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