Rumm Rx 1.0.3 by Jrummy

Get your second dose of Rumm Rx!

For 2.3.320/2.3.340 only!!


(see install instructions below!)

Official Rumm Rx Themes:

These are full ROM’s so follow the same instructions:

Nex-Theme by Manup456

more to come…

Special Thanks: xeudoxus, p3droid, jaithemes (rumm rx droid dude), drod2169, @jackson.barber, cvpcs, mattg4542 and anyone and everyone else 

Features in version 1.0.3:
Based off 2.3.32 leak (Android 2.2.1)
10% Battery increments
Fancy animations (revert to stock in toolbox app)
Reboot option in power down [untermensch/drod2169]
Rumm Rx Toolbox App:
– Froyo Apps 2 SD
– Fancy/Stock animation switcher
– Backup/Restore utility
– Boot Logo Changer
– Boot animation chancher
– Build.prop editor
– Custom font installer
– Ad Blocker
– Free memory
– Manage boot animation
– Cache manager
– Reboot, reboot recovery, shutdown, etc.
– File switcher
– And more…
Ability to have a script/app/ install whenever I want to push something
Install bootstrap recovery on install
mount/format /system automatically
Removed unwanted blur
Removed uneeded toolbox commands that eatup space (10mb+)
Pulldown text changer script/hack
Optional ADW Launcher
Some source built apps:
– Enhanced Launcher2
– Android Terminal with extra color options
– Custom Rumm Rx Live Wallpapers
– Nexus Mod like/enabled see through live wallpaper
– Music Mod [Elliot Stocker]
– Rumm Rx custom wallpaper app
– Spare Parts
– CyanogenMod Desk Clock
Init.d customization (see /data/rumm_rx/init.d.conf):
– pulldown text editor
– recovery safe-mode
– firstboot script support
– set custom build properties
– setcpu scaling at boot
– free memory
– sysctl support
– zipalign all apks on boot
– clear cache at boot
– fix permissions at boot
Root Tools script:
(type roottools or each command in terminal for more help)
– Available scripts:
ads, allinone, apploc, bkapps, bootani, cache,
clean, chglog, donate, eri, exe, fixperms,
flashrec, freemem, install_zip, load, overclock,
rb, rmapk, rstapps, setcpu, setprops, slim,
soundswitch, symlink, sysrw, sysro, usb,
Custom powerup tones(set to random by default)
Many apps installed to /data on firstboot
Ads blocked by defualt
– Busybox v1.16.1 (no borked applets)
– Bash shell 4.1
– flash_image
– ssh/dropbear
– zip
– zipalign
Automatic restore (place apps in /sdcard/rumm_rx/restore_apps)
Boot animations installs to /data/local by default
ROM version in about phone

What is new in Version 1.0.3:

Disabled build.prop edits in init.d (to turn them on see /data/rumm_rx/init.d.conf)
– Fixed force close issues with LCD Density and the phone dialer
– Fixed force close issues with calendar events
– Ablility to update apps, install scripts, etc. if I wanted to update something with the ROM (have to reboot)
– Changed transition animations
– Update on Rumm Rx toolbox
– Update on some scripts
– Fixed issues with search button
– Fixed other misc. bugs
– adbd is installed on each reboot for max. functunality with android sdk

Disclaimer: I take no responsibility if you phone explodes, gets dropped in the toilet, or bricks.

Rumm Rx v1.0.3 Install Instructions:

For 2.3.320 Only!!!

** Make sure you are on 2.3.320 LOOK HERE **

1. Root and install bootstrap/clockwork recovery
2. Reboot into clockwork recovery
3. Select wipe data/factory reset (recommended only)
4. Select install zip from sdcard
5. Select choose zip from sdcard
6. Select the zip file and select yes
7. Press down the power button twice
8. select reboot system now
9. Enjoy your first dose of Rumm Rx 

Support by:
Downloading apps:


Known Bugs:

-Facebook won’t sync normally (use syncmypix from the android market)


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