SBFPortable SBF Program (Plugin, DoubleClick, Done!)

Video Tutorial On The Way!

Cool SBFportable – The Standalone SBF Program [Plugin, DoubleClick, Done!]

Standalone SBF Program – SBFportable_0.7.exe
– a collaborative effort towards simplifying the process of device restoration

Credits to: 1KDS for the original live linux SBF disc, Mikeinrichmond for helping out with the early release testing of 1KDS’s disc, TBH for the SBF fileJRummy for helping 1KDS with some code, the makers of SliTaz linux distroHarley Dude, for being the man, starting this thread, and letting us all know about MobaLiveCD in the first place, which is what sparked the idea to make this standalone version in the first place. Mobatek devs for the standalone MobaLiveCD, the QEMU people for making and releasing their awesome open source (and light weight) portable dynamic translators which made the MobaLiveCD & ultimately this project possible by providing a completely free and effective way to set up full system emulation within the windows environment. WugFresh… (thats me!  ) for figuring out how to mesh all these premade components together into one unified standalone exe. Coffee for being the nectar of life and enabling programmers and crazy people like myself to never sleep and keep working on things like this… regardless of the time. And last but not least, a big thanks to all the DX users out there who keep bricking their devices time and time again! Without your awesomely bold and recklessly induced bricks, there would be no need to spend the time on this project in the first place. LOL. Without complications, there is no need for revisions, so thank you… 

Ok, with out further adieu; here is the first release of a fully automated standalone live SBF exe built with 1KDS’s latest iso (1KDStaz0.8.iso), MobaLiveCD.exe (standalone vm environment via QEMU), and some AutoIt script I wrote to make it work. Just download it, and double click and it should do the rest; besides pressing 1 once its all loaded up (and I suppose configuring audio drivers for those who still get that message… but I am sure 1KDS will eventually figure out how to surpass that somehow  ). The file will silently extract its contents to a temporary directory on your local machine and then run. Don’t be scared when you see buttons automatically getting pressed and the small vm window suddenly coming into the foreground… lol… that’s not a ghost… that’s just some script I wrote to automate the process. I compressed the final package as much as I possibly could, so its only like 1 mb bigger than 1KDS’s original live disc (hopefully I didn’t over do it with the compression…. but I’m pretty sure I didn’t based on my test results and the fact that I made sure to have WinRAR verify all the files during the final build). I hope this works for all of you guys/girls as well, if not… just let me know what system your running and any other details you can think of so I can try and narrow down the source of the problem… but so far so good. Enjoy 

Download Location:

SBFportable_v0.7.exe (294 MB)


File: SBFportable_v0.7.exe
CRC-32: 772779e3
MD4: b7bd28e45b7de10c47029d85580af590
MD5: 9f98d47fb0cfd9ae3b623dc49d05bd00
SHA-1: c52323da606d4cafbad644be299c9393e2fa7d60

*This is a native 32bit standalone (no installation required) windows program, 
tested and confirmed to work on both 32bit and 64bit platforms (by me); just double click it and wait for it to boot up 1KDS’s live SBF disc in the virtual environment, then use it how you normally would. I haven’t tested it on a Mac through a windows emulation environment like Wine yet… but I suppose that should work as well. I am not sure though (probably would just be easier to burn 1KDS’s disc at that point, but hey… if it turns out to work on Wine… then there is no reason not use it in that fashion if you like its simplicity and happen to be without a disc/flashdrive and need to SBF. Let me know. 


  • Make sure that you are in BOOTLOADER MODE before SBF’ing; simply power up while holding down the camera and menu buttons until the screen flashes white momentarily, then release and you should see a read out. The bootloader should read 30.04 and it should say “ok to program” “charged” if it says “code corrupt” that is fine… just as long as it doesn’t say “not ok to program” “low battery”…. that means you need to charge it, refer to next bullet point:
  • Make sure that BEFORE you attempt to SBF, that your device is fully (100%) charged (or at the very least > 75%); that means, charging it externally (either a wall charger or a using someone elses’ healthy phone), borrowing a fully charged DX battery from someone else temporarily, visiting the Verizon store with your battery and asking them for a charge, or any other way you can obtain a fully charged battery BESIDES trying to charge it yourself when its in bootloader mode.YOUR DEVICE WILL NOT CHARGE IN BOOTLOADER MODE, you could potentially damage your device this way because it will overheat it. The ONLY way you can charge your device in bootloader mode is if you have specifically purchased acustom made factory grade usb cable from TBH, otherwise you have to figure out another way to get your phone charged before proceeding with the SBF procedure.
  • Make sure your computer is charged (if it’s a laptop) and preferably plugged in. The last thing you want is for the SBF process to be interrupted preemptively… although you can recover it if this were to happen.
  • Understand that SBF’ing will completely wipe your phone of everything on it besides the content on your sdcard. That means; user apps, settings, system tweaks, contacts… everything. However, all of these things can easily be restored using an app like Titanium Backup, or by syncing your gmail account (primary one, that’s linked to your google checkout account) on first boot. There are also other manual and script based ways for backing up and restoring apps (and app data) like root tools by JRummy. Be cautious of restoring system data though… it could potentially cause problems… you are usually better off just reconfiguring these settings manually… especially if you are switching between incompatible ROMs.This will bring you back to fully stock, unrooted, odexed android 2.3.340 (froyo).Recognize these things and prepare yourself accordingly.
  • If the SBF goes through and you get to the point where its booting back up but you are stuck on a repeating bootanimation (aka bootlooping), DO NOT PANIC. This happens all the time when people SBF… this does not mean that your phone is bricked, or you are screwed in anyway. If this occurs, simply perform the standard procedure know as factory resetting;

For Froyo: battery pull > reinstall battery > hold down the home button while powering up > press the search key when you see the exclamation point > navigate with the volume keys to “factory reset” > select with the camera button > navigate to yes > select > wait for it do its thing > use the back key twice to get back to the main menu (or the power button once) and select reboot system.
^^ note that these instructions for factory resetting are for Froyo not GB. ^^
For GB:
 battery pull > reinstall battery > hold down the home button while powering up > press both volumes when you see the exclamation point > navigate with the volume keys to “factory reset” > select with the power button > navigate to yes > select > wait for it to do its thing > use the power button once to go back to the main menu and select reboot system.

Hopefully this time it will boot up normally and all will be well again. If for some reason it doesn’t, repeat the process one more time. If it still doesn’t work, then perform another SBF procedure and factory reset. If it still doesn’t work… report it… but hopefully this never will happen (so far the DX track record is pretty good  )

  • And lastly… know that I am not personally responsible for your device and that you assume the risk associated with sbf’ing (although it is relatively low). I am more than willing to help you troubleshoot, but I am not personally responsible if your brick. Make sure to take precautionary measures like checking the checksums and file size to ensure that you have a complete download before attempting to flash anything. Always take the extra time to read or ask questions if you have them BEFORE SBF’ing rather than afterward. Although this standalone makes the process very simple… it’s still advised that you understand what it is you are doing before going ahead with it. Peace of mind will only help it go smoothly and with out any panic attacks or drama. Always try and remain calm and collected in these circumstances… when it comes to SBF’ing… haste really does make waste. Try and be patient and make sure you have everything you need and in order before you go ahead with it…. just some advice from someone who has personally made the mistake of rushing it for no reason. A little patience will go a long way.
  • I am hoping this one is obvious to you… lol… but please remember to plug in your android device to your computer before attempting to run the SBF script. 

That’s all for now. Enjoy.

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  1. yea there have been problems with this application… make sure that you have the proper Motorola drivers… if you computer still wont read your phone try a different computer

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