[ROM] SSX 2.0 Built from Source GB 2.3.4

It has been quite some time since I released my DX ROM’s … and this time is a big change, it is now built from source! The base (as are my OG Droid ROM’s) is AOSP/CM7, with my own custom coding. So if you are familiar with SS, this will look the same.

Credit goes out to the entire CM team, cvpcs, and TBH for their part in making this happen. There are others I’m sure, this is meant as a collective credit.

Each release I do, I will rotate my ‘primary’ site that I post on, and that is the one I will support from. Some of you may not like registering for these other sites – but I cannot support you all on multiple sites with each launch. I hope you can understand that the exposure on multiple sites is good for me, and that the five minutes it takes to register on these 2-3 other sites is worth your time and effort. Given that I spend many many hours on a release, I don’t think it is too much to ask 

1. 2.3.340 is a prerequisite. If you are not currently running that version (ie. if you are running Liberty) you will NEED TO INSTALL SSX-prep.zip first. I’ve built this process (using TBH’s all-in-one installer) so that you do not have to SBF to install my ROM.

2. Initially I stated if coming from CM, you would not have to wipe – I am stepping back on that.  Do a factory data wipe. .cache. .dalvik…battery stats. .then flash it. .. you SHOULD be able to restore just apps/data through Tibu – just NO SYSTEM stuff.

3. If you have to install the prep file – you will likely get a radio error. Ignore, and continue to install SSX-GB-2.0-update.zip. Reboot into the ROM. Reboot into recovery again, and re-install the prep zip. This time you will get no errors, and you should be good to go. If you happen to install my ROM and exit recovery, having not installed the prep file – you WILL have to SBF.

4. Once SSX is installed, DO NOT use any of the bootstrappers (DX/D2). You will have to SBF if you do. Reboot into recovery will be done via the normal power button.5. Installing this ROM will automatically wipe system/data/cache – however, it seems to be hit and miss – see point #2!!

6. Apparently recent versions of Droid Overclock (by jrummy) are causing reboots.  I have been told that version 2.1.7 works just fine  🙂

If you want to go back to any other ROM – follow their instructions, which likely will involve an SBF install.This is BETA – so if you encounter issues, please post up here so that I can support you best.Launchers – ADW and Sony are included. A few other things that are included – Google Apps, including Maps and Street View. Also included – aLogcat and QuickPic.Things I know that do not work:
Live Wallpapers

Unlike other CM7/AOSP Rom’s, Torch actually works! 

That is it, as far as I know! I believe you will find this very fast and fluid – I have 


Patch #1 – CM Input FC Fixed (Flash AFTER the ROM)

Patch #2 – MMS (Flash AFTER the ROM)
ChevyNo1 attached the following image(s): center.jpg
ChevyNo1 attached the following image(s): lockscreen.jpg
ChevyNo1 attached the following image(s): performance.png
ChevyNo1 attached the following image(s): scripts.png
ChevyNo1 attached the following image(s): statusbar.png

21 responses to “[ROM] SSX 2.0 Built from Source GB 2.3.4

  1. Is the battery life better than cm7’s? Also I was wondering if you were going to post about the next main update for cm7 if/when it comes out (also do you have any news regarding that). Thanks man.

    • musty the battery life is a little better in my opinion… The Cm7 releases are still just nightly builds with minor improvements coming each night right now its on build 28… there is a link at the top of the cm7 page to download the nightly updates…. I will do a video when cvpcs puts out a release candidate

  2. I have noticed that my hardware buttons seem to have a mind of their own and only work when they want to with this ROM…When I was on Liberty v9 I had no issues. The ROM itself works perfectly though. No installation issues

  3. And I also cannot use Smart Keyboard Pro. Every time I go to Language and Keyboard and make sure it’s checked, it un-checks itself and I can not choose it from Input Method

  4. also i get a “android.process.media has stopped unexpectedly” when i try to download apps from the market. it only happend after flashing ssx. i tried formatting my sd card, the new market, deleting market cache, deleting “Media Storage” app data. all didnt work, how do i fix this?

    • ? you might need a new battery or something…my stock battery when I was on gingerbread stock would last 1.5 to 2 days on 1 charge.

  5. I installed ssx over liberty .9 via the prep file+ssx+2 flash fixes+ the cm4dx camera fix.

    I think its a great ROM. looks fantastic (lots of themes available through CM7) and runs really fast. I was able to get 2400+ on quandrant. The number and depth of options is a bit overwhelming and the animations and multi-tasking abilities are amazing.

    I am a little bummed about:
    not having swype- I am unable to load up my beta, I get all kinds of errors and FCs
    losing the camera options- the hard key doesn’t work (although I am able to go in advanced settings and use the volume to take pictures. The modes are gone (sport, portrait, etc)
    I am not able to play any videos from before I flashed the ROM (although I can see low quality video that I shot after the ROM

    I was not able to see consistent fixes or suggestions from the other boards I looked at for these issues

    But Shane, I know you and our community are likely to find some answers.

    • yup fritz there are a few bugs, The camera button works fine for me although i didnt flash the cm4dx fix, i cant play older videos i shot with the camera either same as with cm4dx

  6. Downloaded and have had no issues. Really like it! Smooth, better than the CM& Nightly builds, although they are good too! 2300-2400 quadrant scores. Hope this DEV keeps up the good work!

  7. im getting quadrant scores of up to 3177(while holding ice to the back of my phone haha). does anyone know how to fix the “android.process.media has stopped unexpectedly” error?

  8. I tried better keyboard pro and smart keyboard pro and they both wont work. It unchecks itself and goes back to the android keyboard. How do i fix this? other than that my favorite rom nice work!

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