Stock .596 Mods (CRT, 270 degree rotation, 10% batt increments) plus Deodexer

Make sure you are Deodexed before flashing any of these mods use Deodexerfile 
[MOD] Various mods: CRT-off, 270 degree rotation, 10% battery mod for Official GB v4.5.596

For Stock Official v4.5.596

Revert to Stock/Remove mods: 

CRT only

270 degree Rotation only

CRT, Rotation, and Stock Battery

CRT, and Blue Battery 10% (no rotation)

CRT, Rotation, and Blue Battery 10%

Per Metfanant’s request (CRT and mixed battery color 10%):

47 responses to “Stock .596 Mods (CRT, 270 degree rotation, 10% batt increments) plus Deodexer

  1. If the 2 part installation of ROOTED GB 596 coming from FROYO rooted is odexed, will this DEODEXER zip file work for that certain version of GB? making it deodexed?

      • Ok, thanks a bunch! You are very helpful and thanks for all the hard work/time! So for the setup of this file, I would need to:
        1. Download the zip.
        2. Make backup using Titanium Backup
        3. Make a backup using Droid 2 Bootstrap Recovery
        4. Install from SD Card, Choose from SD Card, and select this Deodexer File.
        5. Reboot System Now

        Is this setup correct? Or do I need to wipe data/factory reset?

  2. Alright, I installed deodexer – no problem, boot up took longer than usual but all is well. Installed the CRT zip and all is well, no problems or force closes of any sort (so far). All in all, things worked out great! Thanks so much!

  3. I, too did the 2 part update from rooted froyo to rooted gb. Deodexing would allow me to do themes and change colors. Correct? I won’t lose any App data doing this. Right? It simply deodexes my X. Right?

    Want to do it. But don’t want to have to reinstall or recover any app data at all. K9 email is what I mostly worry about since it has no way to backup and restore settings and data.


  4. Can you PLEASE help. I took the OTA update and am currently on 2.3.3 .596 I want the CRT and Battery add on. I cannot find out how to get from my version(I think is odexed) to deodexed. Do I HAVE to be rooted? Can you PLEASE walk me through the easiest way to get this done?

    • Kyle… Ull have to sbf if u accepted ota… Its easy enough follow my guide from the homepage… Once ur back to stock froyo root with z4root app, install d2bootstrap and you can install the two part patched .596..then u can flash the deodexer file, then flash ur mods… Or u could flash 3part .588 from stock froyo then flash deodexed .596 over the top of that then flash ur mods those are ur two options for rooted deodexed .596

  5. I PROMISE to donate 10$ if you can give step by step with links! I know and have the programs to SBF get back to Froyo. I am very new to this and it seems I keep going in circles. I want Gingerbread .596 and I want CRT and Batt mod with colors. Please help and you have my word for 10$

  6. Thank you soo much much man. I now have my first rooted phone and doing things I never thought I would do. Your seriously the best! Do you custom design themes into a kit for people or know someone who does? I have a theme on here now but i wish I could tweak a few things but after alot of research it looks like im gettin in over my head.

  7. I’m curious to know what the “blue battery 10%” and “mixed battery color 10%” look like. I don’t want to flash it just yet. Not sure if I’ll like the result…Maybe you can provide a screenshot of some sort? That would be great!

  8. Hey I was on the 2-part odex and used the to convert to deodex. The files in the system folder that were originally .odex are now .jar. Is this normal and what is a .jar file?

  9. Hey I downloaded the CRT animation + blue battery 10% and flashed it and then rebooted. When phone finished booting, epic force closes occurred. I restored my backup (thank god i decided to make one just in case). Anyways just wanted to let you know.

  10. I deodexed once but it might not have worked all the way? I am definitely .596 rooted though. I had deodexed the two part .596 odex and then made a back up of the now deodexed version. Then had to recover that backup when i tried to download redx theme and it bootlooped me. Should/Can I reflash the deodexer?

    • Yes flash the deodexer… Next time if you bootloop just wipe data factory reset… Also it can sometimes take up to 15 minutes to boot up after flashing a rom or theme… Unless it starts all over with the boot logo you’re not really bootlooped

  11. after installing the deodexed from the bootsrap do i reboot or can i just go back to install from zip and install the crt anamation then reboot……please help…….

  12. I applied one of the above zips. Works great. Thanks for your hard work. My question can I apply another zip over the top if I wanted the 10% increments ? Or would wipe data then install another zip. Thank you

    • fi1501… you could try it.. if it doesnt work properly then wipedata and try again… I believe you should be able to just flash it over the top i have done that in the past without issue.. post your results please 🙂

  13. I did the, Per Metfanant’s request (CRT and mixed battery color 10%): i got the crt but no bat change. Any idea why that might be?

  14. I just did the same thing and only noticed the battery change color when it was on the charger. (That’s why I posted my question earlier) the zip file for the rotation, battery, and crt wouldn’t download from media fire so I used this link. and applied it without any problems. No data wipe. Just like you did on the first one.

  15. So, haven’t done it yet. Getting ready to, but what exactly does 270 degree rotation do? It sounds self explanatory but what exactly is it?

  16. Used your stock .596 deodex zip file followed by the CRT, rotation and 10% blue battery. Works perfectly. Nice work and thanks. Small donation on its way.


    • Instead I flashed the new AOSP liberty rom – very nice! However…decided to install deodexer…force closes, no service. I did do a nandroid backup before flashing this. Can I just install these mods without deodexer? Or do I have to be on rooted gb rom?

      • bob there was no need to flash the deodexer since AOSP liberty is pre deodexed… by the way AOSP liberty is a rooted gb rom… those mods may not work with aosp liberty though because some of the framework may be differnt

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